Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Laughter is Six!

Once upon a time there was a woman with a blog.  She typed and she blah blahed until she reached 1,000 posts.  And then she never posted again.  The end.

At least that's what it's felt like to me.  Maybe not to you as you may neither care nor pay that much attention, but I keep thinking I need to post and then get too busy or too tired or too whatever and don't do it.

But today is Laughter's 6th birthday, which seems the perfect reason for post 1,001! So here 6 pairs of shoes named after her:

I wish this didn't have the giant button on it, but it's cute otherwise.

This is sort of an odd shape but I bet it's cute on.

Love the color, hate the heel.

Um.  No.  Laughter deserves better than this ugly shoe.

Oooh, sparkly t-straps.  Much better!

This is so close, but not quite there for me.

Unlike Miss Laughter, who is practically perfect in every way:  She's funny, smart, sassy, adventurous, outgoing, and awesome.  And no, I'm not biased.  I can't believe you would say such a thing. 

Monday, August 15, 2016


Hey, guess what?!

Have you guessed yet?

How about now?

C'mom...are you even trying?

OK, fine, I'll tell you after the jump.

Sunday, August 14, 2016


Apparently this weekend is made for SKD.  Yesterday I went with green shoes, and today is National Creamsicle Day, so I'm going with orange shoes.  PLUS today is Color Book Day, which I did last year, but she also loves to color, so this is really the perfect weekend for her.

I like creamsicles OK, although I haven't had one in forever.  I really like creamsicle flavored yogurt.  I really really like the color of creamsicles.  The following shoes capture it sometimes and sometimes not so much, but they are what came up when I typed in creamsicle shoes:

These are from the 40s.  You know I'm picturing a fabulous retro outfit to go with these.

Canvas shoe collection!

I love these.  Very cute.  (Hey, Mom...we need these for the 50th anniversary pictures!)

These are from the 70s. Hmmm...the outfits I'm picturing aren't quite as cute as the ones from the 40s.

Awwww...the PB could be an adorable little creamsicle baby!

Happy Creamsicle Day!  Now I might have to go out and find myself a creamsicle to celebrate.

Saturday, August 13, 2016


Yesterday I was feeling a lot better, sinus infection-wise and thought maybe it wasn't as bad as I'd first feared.  Sadly I woke up today feeling awful.  I'm exhausted and have massive pressure in my face and there is much green stuff coming out of my sinuses.  Rather than continuing on that disgusting tangent, I'm just going to take the green of that sentence, make it a pretty green, and go with that as my theme for tonight:

They don't make my head feel better, but they make me feel better about the color green.

Friday, August 12, 2016


There are a 4 million things I should be doing at work right now.  I've already checked about 2.5 million things off of my to-do list today, so I've decided to take a break and write a post.  August 12 is a day of many holidays:

See?  Lots of good stuff in there.  I particularly like that it's Middle Child's Day and posted a picture of the uncle, the brother, and Double A on Facebook so they couldn't say I forgot them.  I've decided for this post, though, to go with National Kool-Aid Day.

I love all of the colors! The soles are cool, too, but they'd be better if they made footprints with that said Kool-Aid and had the face.

Do they still have Kool-Aid commercials where the pitcher crashes through things and says, "Oh yeah!"?  Looking back, that was kind of rude.

Did you drink Kool-Aid as a kid?  What was your favorite flavor?  Did you make Kool-Aid Popsicles?  I like red best, I think.  My brother hated the orange flavor...something about dish soap.  Silly middle child.  And, one more random Kool-Aid memory:  at church they used to make it with very little to no sugar.  That. Was. Gross.

The end.

Thursday, August 11, 2016


Today was kind of a weird day.  Not bad, just weird.  The hubby's tummy was yucky all day and I have a sinus infection.  I thought I was going to be away from the office for an hour and then our meeting ran long and I was gone for 5 hours, which meant I had to stay late to catch up on at least part of my to-do list.  I also had weird dreams this morning that I only vaguely remember.  So, weird.

It's also the BFF's birthday, which isn't weird at all.  She's awesome and I miss her.  She, her hubby, and the nephew are on their way to Michigan right now to visit her in-laws.  That's a long, hot drive with a 6 1/2 year old, so wish them luck.

Today is also National Raspberry Tart Day and National Raspberry Bombe Day.  Which isn't weird, per se.  Or at least no more so than any other random holiday.  The likes raspberries and they are kind of in the purple family, so it kind of works.  Here are some raspberry shoes to celebrate this day, whatever adjective you apply to it.

To conclude:  today was weird, but I love the BFF and hope she had a lovely birthday.  I also like raspberries very much.  Raspberry shoes are kind of cool, kind of weird, so they fit with the theme.  I think it's time for bed.  Stupid sinus infection.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Today is National Lazy Day!  This day should always be on a weekend rather than a fixed date, but oh well, no one asked me.  Last year I wrote that lazy days, for me, involve comfy pants and fuzzy socks or slippers, but living in California August 10 is never cold enough.  This week is cooler, thankfully, as it has only been in the 90s instead of triple digits, so that's nice.  But I talked to Mom (hi, Mom!) today and she said it was only 60 at home.  I'm totally jealous.  In honor of lazy days that are also cold, tonight's theme is crocheted slippers:

 Blues and stripes and flowers!  I like the rolled cuffs, too.

I've actually made an afghan with the yarn the flowers are made from.  I wish the slippers were a more fun color, but I like the flowers.

Two-tone blue.  What's not to love?

This looks like Lion's Brand yarn, which is appropriate as today is also World Lion Day.

More blue.  More flowers.  Yay!

Bright, rainbow stripeys!

I hope you had a chance to be lazy today regardless of the temperature where you are.

Here's the Lazy Song by Bruno Mars to help get you in the mindset.

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