Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy Birthday, PF!

Today is the Pinterest Friend's Birthday!  Yay!  I've mentioned before her love of owls, so obviously that's where we're going tonight in celebration.

This pair popped up when I did a search for "owl birthday shoes."  I think they're adorable, but I'm guessing that as an adult the PF probably doesn't want her age on her shoes.  Or maybe she does, because it means a new pair each birthday?

Not shoes, but I couldn't resist a couple of birthday cards.  There is a ton of adorable owl-themed birthday stuff out there.  I'm pretty sure they PF needs an owl birthday party.

I could wear these to the party!  I love the bright colors.

These owls look quite cheeky. (I've been watching Brit reality TV today).

Blue owls!  Dang, now which pair would I wear to the party?

For days when you need comfortable and supportive shoes, but still want fun and a little quirky. owl baby shoes.  The potential baby needs these for future owl-themed birthday parties.

So, from owl of us...Happy Birthday PF!  Hope it was a hoot!

PS--now post your favorite owl puns!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Random Story of the Day

I've been thinking a lot about the Camp Friend this week.  Obviously the main reason is because  her book, Letters to Zell, came out yesterday.  Also because of the octopus shoes last week.  But I've also been thinking about her hair.  Yes, it's random.  She has awesome red hair, and when we worked together for two summers at a Lutheran bible camp in Montana, she frequently wore it up, especially the second summer when we worked in the kitchen.  At the time I was in my short hair phase of life, so I envied her red, curly, wildly awesome hair and the fact that she could put it into a bun held in place with a pencil.  The past 10 years or so I've grown my hair out and donated it 3 times.  About 4 years ago I was in a long hair, growing out phase, and it's hot here, so I was constantly putting it up.  One day I discovered that I could put it up with a pencil!  At the time I didn't make the connection back to the Camp Friend, I just thought it was awesome I could use a pencil and put my hair up.  I know, I get excited over weirdness.  Yesterday, probably because I was already thinking of her, I did make the connection.  I was working on my computer and too lazy to get up to put my hair up (it's long again), and the only thing I had handy was a crochet hook.  It worked.  I even ended up running errands later in the day with a crochet hook holding up my hair.  I'll never be as awesome as the Camp Friend, but I can keep my hair up with random objects.  Things like...

Pencils.  I already mentioned this one.  They are handy, usually.  I used to have a cup on my desk full of pencils that mostly got used for my hair as I rarely write with a pencil.

Chopsticks.  I have the kind you buy specifically for hair, but I've also on occasion used a regular (clean, don't worry) chopstick.  Isn't that little shoe chopstick holder adorable?

I already mentioned pencils, but I used to have a purple colored pencil in glove box of my car (I have no idea why) that worked great when my hair would get too hot while I was driving.  Also, how cool are these shoes made out of colored pencil stubs?

And finally, crochet hooks.  You know I chose these because I love rainbow colors, and the stripey, rainbow-y baby-y shoes.  I'm not sure these particular hooks would work that great in my hair, as I don't own any, it doesn't matter.

There you go...your randomness for the day.

PS--Should Camp Friend become Author Friend?  Hmmm....

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I have blogger's remorse today, but first, let me say thank you to all of you who have shared your kind words, thoughts, and encouragement.  The remorse comes not from having shared, but from both over- and under-explaining the situation.  It's all much more complicated than can be shared in a single blog post, and I didn't probably explain as well as I could.  Oh well.  Today was a little better, mostly due to all of you reminding me what good friends I have out there.  It's not better in terms of the overall situation, but I spent the day doing job searches and filling out applications online, so we'll see.  Now, if anyone knows where I can quickly sell one of my less-than-necessary internal organs, I'd appreciate you letting me know so I can pay the mortgage. :-)

Today was also better because of this:

It arrived on my Kindle last night!  If you don't remember reading my last post about this you can go here and here for more information.  I have a friend who is a published author!  I can't wait to dive in and read this, but first I have to read the multiple library ebooks which inconveniently decided to come available this week.  Since they expire and this doesn't, I'll read them first and save myself a treat for later.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I give you shoes with letters on them (yes, wine and chocolate would probably be better, hopefully Ms. Griep is indulging in them tonight, but as this is a shoe blog, I guess I'll stick with shoes):

Yep.  Those were shoes with letters on them.  I actually liked all of them, especially the do it yourself baby block ones.  I think I would spend too much time and thought on exactly what the shoe said and never actually buy a pair.  I would want it to be very specific and somehow relevant.  Hmmm...maybe I should figure out how to make Cami a pair of shoes with parts of her book on them?

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Warning: Language Ahead

I hate everything.  OK, technically, I strongly dislike many things, but what I hate most of all right now is myself.  When I was young I had a specific, yet vague, sort of life plan:  I would grow up, go to college, where I would meet a man and get married, become a teacher, have some babies, and then...the rest was all going to fall into place.  I didn't know exactly how all of this would happen, but I just figured it would.  And then the voices of the world started become the voices in my head and I let the little bastards erode my confidence.  Obviously it's a lot more complicated than that, and took over 30 years to accomplish, but now here I am.  Today Facebook reminded me that 3 years ago today the hubby and I were celebrating the 3rd of my 4 wedding showers at St. Someone's.  In a little less than 2 months we will have been married 3 years, and I honestly can't believe we've made it.  Not because we don't love each other, we do.  And not because we aren't compatible, because we mostly are, despite our differences, especially our communication styles.  In our first almost 3 years of marriage though: 
  • The hubby lost his business and we had to declare bankruptcy
  • The hubby's car blew up, and I have managed to get into 2 accidents in the last 8 months or so
  • I got majorly depressed and went on medical leave, but couldn't get disability because I wasn't suicidal
  • the hubby's job of a little over a year has been the world's worst roller coaster, making us both so insanely stressed it's not even funny
  • I have learned to be creative in trying to stretch a paycheck to try and pay bills as best as possible
  • I'm pretty sure my uncle no longer respects me and is possibly no longer speaking to me because I am a colossal f--- up
 And therein lies the crux of my hating myself right now.  I am a colossal f--- up.  Did we get to this place solely because of me?  Of course not.  There have been about a thousand factors that have led us here and both of us could have made different choices, both individually and as a couple.  But I can't seem to get my shit together.  We would be so much better off if I had a job.  Any job.  Just get a job for crying out loud.  And I've made a few efforts, but every step forward I feel like something comes along (probably of my own making) and shoves me back 3 steps. I get excited about some possibility, get shoved back, and fall deeper into depression, making the process that much harder.  Some days I feel like the hubby would be so much better off without me.   Again, I can't get my shit together.  My poop in a group.  Whatever.  I don't know what to do, and the bastard voices in my head are having a field day.  Yes, I tell them to shut up, but right now they are gleefully loud.  I told the hubby tonight I feel like a giant loser failure.  I'm starting to be about 90% sure I'm not going to go back to work in a church, and I have no idea what else to do.  I have a master's degree and no marketable skills. (Adding insult to injury today I tried to donate platelets and ended up getting really nauseous and having to quit...see?  Giant.  Loser.  Failure.)

Sorry about the pity party.  I know I sound like a whiny little bitch right now, and I hate myself for that, too.  I've always been able to eventually figure out the next step and been able to take it, but right now that next step seems impossible, and I don't know what to do about it.

Tonight's shoes are black and spiky, like my pissed off soul.

I wish I could end on a positive note and say tomorrow is a new day and it will all be better, but that's so not where I'm at right now.  Tomorrow is a new day and I have to try to figure out how to get my shit together and get a job and pay bills and not suck at life.

Monday, June 29, 2015


So far we've covered geckos and cupcakes, so tonight we move on to Double A's pottery creation:

It's a tiny, little bowl!

She free-handed the whole thing.  She definitely takes after her grammy and not her auntie (fortunately) when it comes to artistic ability.  She made it look so easy, and I love how it turned out.  Tonight's shoes are inspired by the talented Double A:

I love these.  It's a little weird that they're the Arizona green tea can, but the can is pretty, and it makes even prettier shoes.
These are certainly festive.  A little odd, but festive.

These look like they should have been part of the pinstriping post.  I like the colors.

Double A loves green, but I keep seeing a face when I glance at these.

Ooooh...awesome green.  She needs to make herself a pair!

Love the blue flowers. could make these, yes?

The metal studs are a bit much, but otherwise I love these.

Simple and pretty.  Kind of remind me of the first pair.

I love my nieces.  They are awesome for many many reasons, and they paint adorable pottery.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Cuppy Cakes

The box with the nieces' pottery made it home mostly safe and sound.  The Bean's had a couple of small chips out of it, which Dad super-glued, and hopefully she's not traumatized and hasn't decided that I'm the worst auntie ever for not packing the box better.  Here is the before shipping picture:

Isn't it cute?  The top comes off so it's a little container.  It was the bottom that got the chips out of it.  So sad.  Here are some Bean cupcake inspired shoes (which sounds kind of gross):

I've posted these a couple of times, and I think this and similar pictures have been posted to my facebook wall numerous times.  They look yummy.

I've had this picture for a year and keep forgetting to post it.  These were made for a party last summer by a very kind person from St. Someone's.  She said the plan was to make the whole batch into shoes, but they aren't as easy as all the fancy pictures make them out to be.  Nothing ever is. (Pinterest lies!)  It was still very very sweet of her to make me these, and I appreciate the kindness.  And yes, they were yummy!

This is so bright and happy.  I really don't know where one would wear a cupcake shoe, but if you ever have the occasion, they exist out there.

Tennies!  In case you need cupcake shoes for a more casual event.

And your daughter/niece/cute next door neighbor can go with  you.  (notice the ribbon laces?!)

Aaaaaand you can take a baby!

There were a similar pair in black, but they had skulls on them.  So, I guess those would be what you would wear to an edgier cupcake event?

More ribbon laces!

Finally, something that isn't pink!  Although these are a little bit weird.  Cute, but weird.

These would be really cute with a fun skirt.  For your fun skirt cupcake event.

Now we have the shoes, who's going to have cupcake events we can all wear them to?
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