Sunday, March 29, 2015

Palm Sunday Birthday

Today is Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week and the day when we celebrate Jesus' entry into Jerusalem.  I had really good intentions of going to church but woke up with the sinus headache from hell and stayed in bed instead.  Which stinks, because I enjoy  Palm Sunday.  Although, I'm not as fond of reading the passion on the same day.  I get it, lots of people don't go on Good Friday, so don't hear the Passion, but still.  I guess I'm a Palm Sunday purist.  Oh well, let's look at shoes:

Very Beachy, not so much Palm Sunday churchy, but I'd still wear them.

Shoes made out of Palms!  This is waaaaay more complicated than simply making a cross out of your palm.  Not quite as symbolic, though.

Also Beachy, but I really want a pair like this for next Palm Sunday.  I do love a theme!

Or these!  Although the above pair would show better under my alb if I'm back in the parish.

These are kind of tie-dyed looking palms.  But I love the colors.

Today is also extra special for another reason:  It's DJ's 18th birthday!  I can hardly believe it's been 18 years since this little bundle of energy came into our lives.  She's about to graduate high school and go into the navy.  She wants to be a nurse.  She's currently taking EMT classes.  She's amazing.  Since she was born in 1997, here are some shoes from that year:

Ahhh...clunky platforms.  Not palms, but plant related.

Whoa.  And damn.

Doc Martens.  I never owned a pair, but man were they popular.

Stripes, good.  Rainbow colors, awesome.  Platforms this crazy, well, crazy.

This is the exact shoe I wore for a good chunk of 1997.  This or hiking boots.  I did have some dress shoes, but I wasn't going through much of a shoe craze at that time.

DJ, of course, spent 1997 in adorable baby shoes, and being adorable in general.  Happy Birthday, oldest niece!  Love you to the moon and back!

Saturday, March 28, 2015


I cheated on my puppies tonight.  Yep, I flirted with, and petted, another dog.  The hubby and I had dinner with our next-door neighbor, and she has a dog named Buttercup, who is 11 and really sweet.  She kept bumping my hand with her head, so I had to pet her, which was probably a mistake for more than just cheating on the puppies as I now have a sinus headache, an asthmatic cough, congestion, and gunky eyes.  But I'm going to blame that on the cat instead of sweet Buttercup.  When we got home Chalupa and Tallulah spent 5 minutes sniffing my pants and looking at me accusingly.  I never even used to like dogs, and never wanted to pet them or let them near me, and now I have 2 and I'm having an affair with the neighbor dog.  I've become a dog slut. But enough about me, let's talk about shoes.  Buttercup the dog is awesome, and buttercups the flowers are also awesome.  They make me think of spring because we would always go look for them when it started warming up.  They're all sweet and little and yellow, and I couldn't find a single pair of shoes with a buttercup on them.  Rude.  So we'll look at what I found instead:

Buttercup wedding shoes.  They say nothing about buttercups to me, but they're really cute.

Buttercup yellow, at least.  And cute flats.

Princess Buttercup shoes!  Did I need three pairs of them for one post?  Um, duh.  They're PRINCESS BUTTERCUP SHOES. Of course I did.

Definitely want these for the imaginary canvas shoe collection.

This was the only picture I could find with shoes and buttercups.  Which is OK, because I love the shoes, and that dress in the middle is adorable.  Damn, I wish I were skinnier again so I could wear that cute dress.

Yellow used to be my favorite color.  Here is my Easter outfit from that time period:

It was a suit.  There's a yellow skirt to match, and I think yellow tights.  I know.  I was awesome.  Shout out to Mom who made the outfit!

Also, I've had this stuck in my head the last few hours:

Friday, March 27, 2015

Stained Glass

Have I mentioned before that my parents are disgustingly talented?  Because they are.  In lots and lots of ways.  Today I was thinking about how when I was growing up they did stained glass stuff.  They even taught classes.  But they didn't just do little things, they did great big, cool projects, too. Like the cross in our church.  It depicts scenes from Jesus' life and is quite large.  I know I have a picture of it somewhere, and it's been driving me crazy all night trying to find it (I HATE not being able to find stuff).  Since I can't show you that picture we'll just have to move straight to the shoes.

Wow.  If I go back to the parish, I'm pretty sure I need a pair of these.

Also very churchy, but I don't think I need a pair of these.

Are these kind of awesome, or is it just me?

Very 90s!  And yes, I am still lamenting the loss of my multicolored suede shoes.

I don't know what's happening here.  Are these the soles of shoes?  Because I don't think you should be walking on baby Jesus.  Are they something else, and if so, what?

Yep, the parents could have totally made this.

I think this is adorable as either a shoe or a planter.  But probably not both at the same time, because ick.

Anyway, just another post about how cool my parents are.  (I share half of their DNA, why couldn't I have gotten the cool half?!)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thanks, BSF

Today was...interesting.  Busy, stressful, weird, a little depressing, emotional roller coaster, and a few other things I can't put a name to.  Suffice to say, I'm glad it's over.  On a better note, I still have awesome friends who make me feel awesome through their awesomeness.  For instance, the BSF sent me this fabulous shoe card last week:

On the inside it says, "apparently we have issues."  It made me giggle.  But we don't have issues.  You can't have too many pairs of red shoes.  Really.  Black, either.  But red shoes are happy and cheerful, which like this card, make my day happier.  And baby shoes are even happier, so I'm going with those tonight instead of big girl shoes.

I posted on my Facebook the other day how our neighbor, out of the blue, told the hubby and me that she sensed another presence when she looked at us and that she's never wrong about pregnancy predictions.  Yeah, she was wrong about this one.  But, it still made me think about babies, their cute little feet, and shoes for those cute little feet.

I hope your day was a good one, or at least involved awesome friends and/or cute little baby feet or shoes.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I know, I know.  It's been forever again since I've posted.  The hubby and I have been really busy working on a giant project and I've been too tired to post at night.  I'm exhausted right now, but at least I'll get to bed before 4:30 am like I did on Sunday night.  I was convinced I could finish that step of the project, but it turned out I had another seven hours when I started again at 10:30 on Monday.  Ugh.  Anyway, my cousin posted this series of pictures on my Facebook page the other day, and they seem appropriate for my current level of sleepiness:

I'll take a pair of each and rotate through them every 10 days.  The advantage working from home is the ability to wear silly slippers whenever you want.  Must sleep, now.  As Effie Trinket would say, tomorrow's "another big big day!"

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Did you wear green today?  The hubby and I did, although my outfit ended up being more of an olive and khaki green combination, but at least I tried.  Enough about my wardrobe.  The Pinterest Friend has been busy as usual, so let's look at some shoes!

The calendar got into the spirit.  I love the color.  But what is the calendar's love of the Melissa shoes?  These are made of PVC which just sounds hot and sweaty.


This is a cool card.  I usually send holiday cards to the nieces, and I would definitely buy this one if I saw it.

Pretty sure I had these last year, but they're too cute not to share again.

Another cool card!

Adorable and crafty.

Ooooh...St. Patrick's Day wedding shoes.

I'm not sure about these.  They look like they're possibly vintage, so I want to like them, but there is something slightly off about them for me.

I wanted to get in on the fun, too, so the rest are my picks.  Can you only wear these to work out in on St. Patrick's Day?

I love all of these.  The second pair from the left is my least favorite, but they're all fun.

Holy buckets that's a giant sparkly green boot.  I'd wear a pair of these to a party, though.

Hope you had a green filled day!
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