Friday, August 1, 2014

Peachy(ish) Flowers

Pair 2 of yesterday's gift card fun:

More sandals.  This time with nothing between my toes!


I love these cute little butterflies.  But they make me sad because my feet are just going to make them all dirty and faded.

So now we'll look at other peachy(ish), flowery shoes.  These are flower girl shoes, and they are awfully adorable.

This is insane.  That is all.

Holy floofy, Batman!

These are high heeled, fancy schmancy version of mine.

And this is a sibling.  Mine definitely have more arch support and sole comfort.

Fun.  I would wear these to a summer party with a cute, summery sundress.

Tune in tomorrow for the 3rd and final pair of new shoes!

PS--did you notice how dirty my toes were in last night's picture?  I didn't until after I had already posted.  That's what I get for doing impromptu yard work in my new shoes.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Tale of Many Shoes

The last couple of days have been the kind where I've been quite productive, but it's stuff that you probably wouldn't notice unless you knew what to look for.  I actually wonder if the hubby thinks I don't do anything all day because it's not necessarily noticeable.  So here are some snapshots from the week:

These are bathtubs.  Shaped like shoes.  I love shoes, but I really don't want a shoe shaped bathtub.  Although I do have to admit that the back looks quite comfy to lean up against.  So, yesterday I was the queen of plumbing.  I unplugged both a toilet and a kitchen sink.  The first I had to use tongs (ugh...don't ask), the second involved drain cleaner and a plunger.  I felt accomplished, but it's not something visible once it's taken care of.

I've also been organizing closets a little at a time.  I'm at that point where I've recycled, thrown stuff away, put stuff in the Goodwill pile, etc., but again, you can't really tell.  Well, I can tell, but I'm not sure anyone else could.  They would probably still just see a mess in the closets.  Not like the above closet which is very organized.  Holy buckets that's a lot of shoes.  No matter what  you may think, I really don't want that many pairs of shoes in my life.

I went to the library.  Which, let's face it, was more for me than for the purpose of productivity.  Also, how cute are those shoes?

I went grocery shopping.  These are shoes crocheted out of plastic grocery bags.  I appreciate the upcycling of the bags, but I don't see myself making these anytime soon.  Especially since I use reusable bags about 90-95% of the time.  Speaking of crocheting and closet organizing, what the heck do people do with leftover yarn?  I always think I'm going to use it for something, and I've used some of it, but it just adds up.  Any suggestions as to what other people do?

After I got home from errands I got sucked into a yard project I hadn't planned on doing today.  Since I hadn't planned on it, but started working on it on one of my trips to the recycling and garbage cans, I didn't have gloves or clippers.  We have a pile of branches from a tree we trimmed forever ago and I finally decided to put as much as I could into the yard waste bins, which meant breaking the branches down as much as possible.  I only scratched myself a couple of times.  OK, 9 times.  Also, what the hell is up with these flip flops?!

Finally, I went shoe shopping and used the rest of my gift cards.  I got 3 new pairs of shoes (so 4 total from gift cards!).   These are Clarks, and yes they have the stupid thing between my toes, but I'm trying to get used to it because I like Clarks in general, I like these specifically, and they are otherwise comfortable.  And they fit better than they look in the picture. I don't know why my toes are hanging over like that.  I went shopping today because I looked down this morning to find Chalupa on the floor chewing the crap out of my black summer shoes.  Little shit.  So here are the replacements.  I would just like to point out, though, that I took a large garbage bag full of shoes to Goodwill on Monday and when I got home today I threw away the black pair and also put 3 more pairs into the Goodwill pile.

I accomplished a bunch of other stuff, but you don't need shoes for everything.  The most obvious of these would be that an hour ago Tallulah threw up and I caught it in a napkin.  I gave you poop shoes, you don't also need puke shoes.  Oh man, I really hope there aren't any out there...

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

An Odd Combination

Some days I know exactly what I'm going to write about, while others I wander around Google for awhile until I find something that catches my eye.  Tonight I came across this shoe:

I'm sure  you know how much I love polka dots and an ankle strap.  I wouldn't normally expect to like these because pink and red together are just a little too much like Valentine's Day.  But I think these are fun, and they make me think of a really cute retro dress, maybe 50s or 40s.

These are adorable.  Pink and red totally works with these, and they are going in the Potential Baby's imaginary shoe closet.

These are cute but way too much.  I really like the flower pattern fabric, but the 3 dimensional flowers take it too far over the top for me. 

Not my favorite.  I don't think this particular combination of red and pink works well together, and the pink fabric looks worn, like a seat cover that's been sat on too much.

Like the polka dots, I kind of like these.  Not as much as the polka dots, and I don't think I would ever wear these.  Maybe it's the stripes that drew me in.

These might actually be purple and red.  Maybe fuchsia?  Or foooosha, as The Bean used to say.  I think some sassy Red Hat lady needs these for her next outing.

Yay!  A wedge.  Again, not my favorite, but I was excited to find a wedge.  (and no, Auntie, not THAT wedge)

So there you have it.  Pink and red.  Not my usual color, and definitely on the girlier side, which I tend to not be, but still some OK shoes.  Definitely better than last night's selection!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Mondays are typically laundry day for me. I don't mind doing laundry, but I like folding less and putting it away even less. I don't know what it is about putting it away that I find so off print. Hee hee...see what I did there? Anyhoo, tonight I found a site called Chinese Laundry Shoes. I wouldn't shop there, but it's appropriate for the day. Here are some of the shoes I kind of liked:

Sadly there were many more in the yeesh category for me. I'd say 90% yeesh to 10% sort of OK.

I would so much rather do, fold, and put away laundry than wear any of those last 4.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sushi Burritos?

I found a new place to eat on Yelp this weekend.  It was described as serving sushi burritos.  We decided we had to try it, because sushi burritos?  How weird is that?  It's actually not as weird as it could have been.  They are basically sushi rolls made really big, the size and shape of a large burrito.  Cheaper than sushi and really filling.  We went Friday night and again today for lunch.  Yum!  The hubby took pictures today to post on facebook:

They were both good, but today my favorite was the top one.  Because of our new discovery, sushi is tonight's shoe theme.  There are way more sushi shoes than there really should be.

There really isn't much to say about each pair individually.  Collectively I wonder, who wears sushi shoes?  Especially sushi heels?  The baby shoes are actually cute, but some of the others are actually a little creepy.  Is it strange that I find raw fish depicted on shoes more icky than I find actually eating it?  I'm thinking there will be no sushi shoes in my future.

In other news, the puppies are doing much better.  We tried to take the cones off today, but they immediately started licking like crazy and Chalupa opened up his incision a little bit.  So the cones went back on.  Which is how I found myself tonight actually saying, "No, Tallulah, we don't lick our brother's genitals."  Does this make me completely crazy?  No don't answer that.  Hey, at least I don't talk to puppies AND wear sushi shoes.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Celtic Festival

The auntie, seester, brother, and all 5 nieces went to the Celtic Festival in Missoula today.  So jealous!  It's like they're trying to make me more homesick than last night.  I would have loved to have gone with them, and hope they had a great time.  I went to it once, maybe 10 years ago, so it's probably grown since then.  The auntie and I used to go to Celtic festivals a lot when we lived in Texas, and I always wanted to buy every piece of jewelry and all the McKenzie plaid in sight.  So maybe it's good I didn't go today!  Since the biggest excitement of our day was that the hubby and I got the oil changed in his car, I think I'm going to go with the Celtic theme for tonight's post.

Clearly the next time the hubby and I get married it will have a Celtic theme and I will wear these.  Sadly, I can't get him into a kilt.

I'm not an Irish Step Dancer (although think of the great shape I'd be in if I was), but I though this was awfully sweet.

Celtic Tree of Life.  I wish she wasn't wearing black hose with these, because the hose are hideous and very much detracting from the coolness of the shoes.  But obviously no one asked me.

I couldn't find a front view of these, but they look fun.  They would be awesome in all kinds of colors.

The picture said these were "shoe wings," which I'd never heard of, but which are clearly wings that go on shoes.  I like the Celtic knot design, I know many many many of you will like the green.

Not my favorite of the group.  I like that the straps seem to be iridescent, but the  knot seems like it's too much for the daintiness of the straps.

Had to have a baby shoe.  One more item for the Potential Baby's imaginary shoe closet.  Hey, if I can have one, so can s/he.

Random fact of the evening:  My first tattoo is a Celtic Knot.

For this last part I want to make sure you are sitting down first.  Are you?  Because I'm already in bed.  Can you believe it?  And I'm going to sleep as soon as I post this.  It's almost like I'm a normal person!


The hubby asked me last night when I wanted to go home anytime soon.  Um, YES!  I don't have definite plans, yet, but I've started looking at plane tickets, and thinking about dates.  And worrying about the puppies while I'm gone.  I don't even have a plan, yet, but I worry what they will do while the hubby is gone for 14-16 hours a day.  I know.  I have issues.  Anyway, since I've been thinking about Montana, it seemed like a good idea for this post.

University of Montana Grizzly shoes.  Where I went to college.  Not Montana State, which would  be our rivals (not that I actually care about sports, but I still get vaguely annoyed when people assume Montana State when I say University of Montana).

Mountains!  Montana?  No idea.  Don't care, I say they are Montana so they are.  So there.

I love buttercups.  They say spring to me because they are always the first wildflowers that appear, and I loved looking for them as a kid.

The Montana state flower is the Bitterroot.  I couldn't find shoes, but I found this line of jewelry which is really cool.

The Montana state bird is the Meadowlark.  Obviously this is NOT a meadowlark, but it is the name  of the shoe, and I think they shoe is awesome.  I mean, duh, it's blue.

It's true.  I heart Montana.  Even if the heart is over Billings and not Missoula. Stupid Billings.  Hopefully I will make it home soon.  In the meantime, I will just think fond thoughts of home and family.
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