Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Live Long and Prosper

The hubby doesn't sleep well most nights.  I can sleep through just about anything, but he tends to sleep well for the first few hours and then wakes up in the middle of the night.  Sometimes he can go back to sleep right away, other times, he breaks out the Ipad until he gets sleepy.  He always complains that he has reached the end of the internet and that's there is nothing else to read.  Silly boy.  When the internet fails him he turns to Netflix.  Lately he's been watching the original Star Trek series.  I tune in an out here and there when he watches when I'm awake, and it's been fun to re-watch the old episodes.  Gene Roddenberry was a genius.  You know I went looking, and you know there are Star Trek shoes out there.

I like these.  They're subtle.  Just the uniform colors and a tiny communicator on the side.

Not so subtle.  I find these amusing.  They're like a badly drawn Star Trek comic book.

A little better, but not much.  If I didn't know what they were going for I would never recognize Captain Kirk down there.  He looks about 15.

I like all of the colors on these.   They're simple and fun.

I do love Spock.  Although he looks more alien here than he actually did on the show.  I can only sort of do the Vulcan salute with my right hand, not at all with my left.  I also suck at logic, so I would definitely make a horrid Vulcan.

Star Fleet Academy shoes!  In blue!

Not shoes, obviously, but seriously?  This is just wrong on so many levels.

Good night, Trekkies.  Live long and prosper.

PS--2 of these pictures have already been on the blog.  Not the bra, but I'll never tell which shoes are repeats...

Monday, October 13, 2014

A Different Holiday

Happy Thanksgiving!  No, I haven't completely lost my mind (yet).  Today is Thanksgiving in Canada.  today in the US it's Columbus/Indigenous Peoples day, and I'm just not going to go there.  I have very definite opinions, but I'm not going on a rant tonight.  Instead, we'll borrow from the Canadians.  Actually, shoe-wise, I'm going less with the holiday and more with Canada itself.  OK, all Canada, no Thanksgiving.

These are cute.  I'm not Canadian, obviously, but I would wear these.

Pretty much the same, just reverse.  (Yes, thank you, Captain Obvious).  I actually like the first combination a little better.

This is not good.  They took what could have been a cute shoe and made it really clunky.

Much better.  The heel is still a bit clunky, but these are really cute.  Canadian female flight attendants should wear these. :-)

Awww...for cute little Canadian babies.  Technically, ugly Canadian babies could wear these, too.  But really, 99.9% of babies are cute even when they are ugly.

Oh man, now I want not just a baby, but a Canadian one, so he or she could have this outfit!

So, Canada actually works today.  You know, it's Fall, their flag has maple leaves.  It's all good.  Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

More Book Inspired Shoes

The hubby and I have been listening to a series of audiobooks about a boy named Artemis Fowl.  Artemis is a morally questionable character, which is weird for a main character.  Not to give you too much information (we're on book 3, so there is a lot of story), Artemis gets involved in the world of fairies.  This is right up my alley as I love fantasy books.  One of my favorite characters is a dwarf named Mulch.  He has a...unique set of skills that are highly useful in all of Artemis' schemes.  He's also hilarious.  Anyhoo, since I've already done fairy shoes, and since I like Mulch so much, tonight's post will be about dwarf shoes.

Why do people keep making shoes where we have to stand on the heads of some little creature?   Poor little dwarfs surely didn't do anything to deserve to be stood upon.

Sigh.  Although the actual shoe is pretty cute.  And I guess the dwarf looks fairly happy to have his head stepped on?

I couldn't find a picture with the top of the shoe, but I had to include these as they are from our odd friends over at Irregular Choice.  They're called Iced.  Soooo...what does that have to do with the dwarf?

Of course I couldn't do this post without including  the Seven Dwarfs from Snow White!  Which one is your favorite?  I rather like Dopey and Grumpy myself.

And finally, Gimli, the dwarf from Lord of the Rings, another of my favorite fantasy series.  (he's up there in the top right corner, in case you weren't sure)  These are all fun, but the Gollum one completely creeps me out.

Happy reading/listening!

Saturday, October 11, 2014


This past week has been full of celebrations in my family.  Wednesday was Flower's baptismal anniversary, Thursday was Dad's birthday, and Friday was the seester's and brother-in-law's anniversary.  So it was a Baptismabirthiversary week! Originally I had planned to post each day, for each celebration.  But that didn't happen, obviously.  So here are some shoes for each day:

Flower was almost 3 when she was baptized, so she didn't wear tiny, crocheted baby shoes.  I just couldn't resist these.  Flower's shoes were pretty darn cute, though.

You might not be able to tell, but these are silver and sparkly!  I was a very proud auntie/slash godmother, but not only for her shoes.

These are the shoes I wore, in case you were curious.  When I first posted these, I wrote that I wore them for the Bean's baptism, but I actually bought them on internship, so that was post Bean baptism.

This is actually a cake.  I can't quite picture my dad buying a shoe like this, although I think he could rock it if he did.  But since it was his birthday, here is a celebratory cake for him.  I think he said they were having a family dinner tonight.  This is one of those times when I definitely miss living closer and being able to be part of stuff like that.  The hubby and I did have dinner with our neighbor tonight, but it's not quite the same thing even though it was quite lovely.  Oh well.  Happy birthday, Pop!

Yesterday was the seester's and brother-in-law's 22nd wedding anniversary.  They are exactly 20 years ahead of the hubby and me in that department.  According to the internet (which of course is NEVER wrong...), the 22nd anniversary gift is copper.  This picture said this shoe was a copper wedding shoe, so that seemed appropriate.  It also would have looked fab with their wedding colors.  Sadly I can't remember what the seester's shoes were for the wedding.  I know mine were black, and I might have a picture somewhere, but I don't have the energy to go searching for it.

Oh man, I really think my brother-in-law needs these.  He'd never ever wear them, but he still needs them.  I think these are awesome. 

Happy Baptismabirthiversary, Flower, Dad, Seester, and Brother-in-law!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


After last night's post my mom and a friend from Oregon both suggested that the witch cups should go together, one on top of the other:

Of course it would be completely impractical to actually use, but it totally cracks me up. Poor witch has some sad proportions and no torso. She reminds me of the people I used to draw as a kid whose arms and legs came directly out of their heads. Apparently torsos have been unimportant my whole life...

I knew that you really needed/wanted to read this, so I stayed up extra late just to post it. Because I'm selfless like that. But now I must sleep so I can wake up and drink coffee from a witch.

Monday, October 6, 2014


I don't know if this post is literally a mishmash because it's not completely random, but the theme is fairly loose.  I'll start with a fact that is probably going to make me even weirder in your eyes, but oh well.  Soooo, I have a different coffee cup for every month.  Yes.  A different cup.  Every month.  Most often it ties in with the theme I've decorated our mantel with.  October, obviously is Halloween, so I've had this cute cup for a couple of years:

She's goofy and adorable, and I love her.  And then I saw this:

I shouldn't have bought it.  I already had my cute little witch cup.  But I caved.  It's just too perfect with the witch shoes and the stripes and the polka dots.  I won't ignore my first cup (I would hate to have her curse me) but I couldn't resist adding this one to my collection.

Obviously this has nothing to do with cups or witches (although maybe a witch would wear these?  No...these would be for a sorceress).  But, a lovely friend posted this on my Facebook page and I almost forgot I had it.  Bad blogger!  Sorry, lovely friend, I wasn't deliberately ignoring your contribution.  These are crazy and they scare me a little bit.  Some dark magic is at work in these shoes.  They might sacrifice something later.

Again, nothing to do with anything, except a rather loose association with Halloween.  These are from my cousin and they are steampunk.  They make me think of Halloween because they are black and because that cat might be possessed.  Actually, I think it's more likely a witch's familiar.

So after all of that I went looking for more randomly associated pictures.  I'm thinking a nicer sorceress would wear these.

Another cat.  This cat is kind of cute, but the pumpkin might be evil.

Whoa.  Saucy, possibly slutty, sorceress.

Bat shoes!  Because bat rhymes with cat...?  Whatever, these make me smile.

This is just the beginning of the October/Halloween shoe posts, so feel free me to send me inspiration!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Think Pink

As I was watching football this morning... Oh, who am I kidding?  As the hubby was watching and I was ignoring football this morning, I glanced up and saw the pink.  Oh, right, it's October, so the teams wear various bits of pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month.  I'm not a huge fan of pink, but rather appreciate it during October, and the pink was quite a nice pop of color with the various uniforms.  I didn't do a whole post on Breast Cancer Awareness last year, but did mention it briefly in one post.  Between the pink and the following picture, I decided I needed to do a post this year:

Heehee.  So true!  Remember, early detection is key, so make sure to take care of your girls.  Yes, it involves rather unpleasant squishing, but it's not the worst thing in the world.  And it's not like it happens every day.  I turn 40 in April next year and will have the joy of getting regular mammograms.  I've had one already, this is why I can say it's not that bad without being a hypocrite.  In case you need more reminders:

How cool are these?  (insert snarky comment about the thing between the toes)  I would totally want these for a dress up function for breast cancer.

Not so much these. Definitely too much pink.  But some people like pink, so more power to them.

These are the shoes for a more casual function.  Like cheering on the people doing the 3 day walk for breast cancer, like my awesome aunt has done twice.

Or these!  And for some reason this crazy amount of pink doesn't bother me. Who knows what goes on in my weird brain.  I certainly don't.

I LOVE this heel.  How clever is that?  Now I would need 2 dress up functions to attend.

For you lovers of the flip flops.  Look how cozy they are with their furry bottoms.  Still, no thank you.

And of course, the rain boot.  This is for when you are cheering people on in the rain.  Or for some reason tromping around in a cow pasture.  I don't know why you'd be tromping in a cow pasture for breast cancer awareness, but fundraisers come in all shapes and sizes, so it's best to be prepared with properly themed footwear. 

I have a friend who owns this shirt and is several years out from being a breast cancer survivor.  I don't want to have the right to wear this shirt, but I applaud those who can, and who can instill a bit of humor into the experience.  I also mourn those who never got a chance to wear this shirt.  So, women, take care of your breasts.  Men, encourage your women to take care of their breasts, and take care of your own as breast cancer can, in fact, occur in males.  One of my beloved seminary professors had it.  Everyone, just take care of your chestular areas, OK?
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