Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Still No Tea Party

Dang.  May 24th is here again, bringing with it International Tiara Day, and just like last year I'm STILL not home having a tiara tea party with nieces.  I really need to reprioritize my life.  I guess I'll just give you more tiara shoes.  

These are really floofy, but I had to show them to you because they aren't pink!  It's not that I completely hate pink, but tiaras should not have to equal pink.  In fact, come to think of it, I rarely see Kate Middleton wear pink.

Whoa.  Speaking of floofy.  And pink.  But I actually kind of like them.  At least there are some added colors, and I like that they're tennies.  For the princess who wants to be floofy AND practical.

Also practical.  Not pink.  Maybe I'd like them better if the gold parts weren't bedazzled.

Ohhhhh...thank you Frozen for giving me blue tiara shoes.  I doubt they come in my size, but I would totally wear them to my next tea party if they did.

Yep.  This pretty much sums up my day.  Throw in some snuggles with an adorable baby and I would be one happy baby snuggling, tiara/new shoe wearing, cooking eating fool.

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Monday, May 23, 2016


According to a friend's post on Facebook today we graduated from seminary 9 years ago.  Like my auntie said, it doesn't seem like 9 years until I see how how little Double A was in the pictures. She was 7 in 2007 and her birthday present was to get to go to graduation with Mom and Dad.  Actually, she couldn't have cared less about graduation. The real birthday present was that graduation was in the Bay Area which meant she got to see the Golden Gate Bridge.  She was obsessed with the Golden Gate Bridge and you should have seen how excited she was to visit it, walk on it, drive across it, etc.  It was adorable.  Anyway, 9 years.  Time flies.  I'm going with an anagram post tonight because it's time for bed and I didn't want to do anything too elaborate (and I still have to run the dishwasher and upload another podcast, blah).  I graduated from Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary:

P is for Pacific and purple.

L is for Lutheran and lime green.

T is for Theological and teal.

S is for Seminary and silver.

Memory Lane: 2013. 2014. 2015.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

May 21

This is the post that I meant to do yesterday but the stupid headache wouldn't let me.  The headache is still lingering today, but it's not as bad thank goodness.  So yesterday was a good day although a bit emotional.  First, it was Pippi's 9th birthday!  She is sweet and smart and sassy and has always had the ability to crack me up.  Even as a baby her personality was awesome.  Here are some shoes named after her:

I'd say this was sweet and sassy.

I'd like to see this in a color but couldn't find it.  I like the detailing on the heel, it reminds me of fairies somehow.

Yesterday was also emotional as I went to a memorial service to say good-bye to a beautiful woman from St. Someone's.  She was a bright light during my time there and always made me feel loved, supported and appreciated.  It was clear from the remembrances and people's conversations that she made everyone she met feel that same way.   I  love this picture the family had displayed in the sanctuary:

Wasn't she beautiful?  She had the same first name as my mama, just spelled differently.  Here are shoes named after her (with that spelling):

She was always well-dressed and had great accessories.  I'm not sure if these orange ones would have been to her taste, but I'm sure she would have figured out the right outfit to pull them off with.

After the service I met SKD and took her for a 1 day less than a month late birthday pedicure.  She gave me a belated birthday present, too, and hers was awesome:

She MADE me Beatles cups!  Isn't she just the coolest?

Her cup is way better than these shoes, that's for sure.  I hope she likes her cute orange toenails as much as I like my new Beatles cups.

This post is still not what it was in my head, but at least it's out.  Stupid lingering headache.  I'm not even going to tell you how much caffeine and meds I ingested yesterday just to get the dumb thing down to a dull roar.  It's still making my brain mushy, but then everything seems to be doing that these days.  Poor mushy

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Short and Sweet

I have a post in my head.  I also have a massive headache in my head which is not allowing the post to come out tonight.  I also haven't posted in several days because work has been crazy-busy and I've mostly been going to bed as soon as we get home after crazy-long days.  So instead of the post that's in my head, which I will hopefully be able to do tomorrow, I'm just going with a short post:

My cousin sent me the top picture awhile back and it's been hanging out in my ideas folder since.  I had my first pedicure in something like a year today, so it seemed appropriate to break out.  Then I found the how-to pictures.  These are adorable and the very talented Double A should do this to my toes next time I'm in Montana.  In the meantime this stubborn, ridiculous headache and I are going to bed.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Cute Auntie Shoes Day 3

Last day of new (to me) shoes from the Auntie!  How adorable are these?

They're a fun, sea-greeny color.  Sadly they started to rub my toes on both feet, but that's OK...

...because I have Jane Austen bandaids!  You can't really tell from the picture, but the flowers are the same color as the shoes.  Yep.  I'm just that cool.  Let's take a gander at some more sea-greeny shoes with flowers, shall we?

This is really pretty despite the fact that it's a slingback and has that thing between the toes.

I think I'd prefer if the flower was a little less floofy, but otherwise I'm on board.

I think I've posted these before with multi colored flowers? Who can remember any more?

Yes please.  I'll take a pair in each color, thank you.

OK, so these are a little bit off-theme, but there ARE flowers and sea green, so I'm including them because I think they're fun.  And because it's my blog.

Oh man, I definitely could not get my poop in a group this morning.  I woke up late, which threw everything off, but then I was just scattered.  I went to get the dragons out of the tub and realized I hadn't fed the dogs yet, so I detoured to do that.  When I got to the cupboard with their food I realized I hadn't finished cleaning up from making juice, so I detoured again.  I did manage to get everything done eventually, but I was definitely out of my usual rhythm and I almost forgot the poor dragons in the mix.  The day got better after that, but man my brain is full.  My hat is off to you who have children thrown into that morning mix.  All I have are dogs, dragons, and a husband and I'm a mess.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Cute Auntie Shoes Day 2

I finally unpacked my suitcase on Sunday, which is the reason I'm finally wearing the shoes that the auntie gave me while I was in Montana.  Here is today's selection:

They're Keens, which I love.  They're Mary Janes, which I also love.  And they're brown, which is good because I need cute brown work shoes for summer.  So yay!  Then I went looking for more Keen Mary Janes, and holy shoegasm, Batman!  I give them without comment since mine would all involve exclamation points and variations on the squeee! sound.

Maybe I will only wear Mary Janes from Keens from here on out.  There were so many more that I had to stop myself from inundating you with every darn picture on the internet.  Squee indeed.

In other news today is the 8th anniversary of my ordination, which is really weird because I'm no longer ordained.  Last year on May 17th I was, and this year I'm not.  And I'm not sure if I will be again?  But it still happened, so I can still celebrate the occasion, right?  It's so confusing, and I'm trying not to let the weirdness infuse my whole day.  Thankfully I have plenty to be getting on with at work these days, so it helped to take my mind off of the weirdness for at least part of the day.  I still want to stuff my face with chocolate, though.  Sigh.

Moving on.

Memory Lane: 2013 (celebrating!). 2014 (Oh look, more weirdness about the day). 2015 (never mind, I didn't even post, so we can skip last year's angst).

Monday, May 16, 2016

Cute Auntie Shoes

While I was in Montana the Auntie gave me some shoes.  Isn't she just the coolest?  Her feet have recently changed size so she had a bunch she can't wear anymore.  Sadly they're all a size bigger than I wear, but I found a few that fit OK.  Here is the pair I wore today:

Cute, black loafers!  I feel so grown up and professional in my loafers and pin-striped dress pants.  Obviously I needed to go look at more loafers.

I guess I could be lazy and just let one picture do all of the work.  I like all of the different colors.  And the shiny.

You (and my you I mean I) can never have too many pairs of red shoes.

A little more casual, but I like the purple.  Do I need purple loafers?  I might.

These are shiny and blue and yet not my favorite.  Weird.

I don't think I have anything to wear green loafers with, but I like them.

Dang I'm tired.  We are developing a national podcast network at the office and I have spent around 8-12 hours a day since Saturday working on directory listings and social media posts for a mere 2 of our new shoes.  I'm learning about new social media sites that I've never used and I waver between thinking it's cool to be learning new things and thinking I'm too darn old for all of these new-fangled apps.  Also, you kids get off my lawn!

Memory Lane: 2013 (I remembered:  Brown sandals.  Still don't know if I have a picture, though). 2014. 2015.
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