Monday, February 20, 2017

Love Your Pet Day

February 20 is Love Your Pet Day!  I'm guessing for most people with pets, that's pretty much every day, but today is the day you're supposed to spoil them even more, maybe?  The puppies are having a special day in that they got to come to the office with us.  This used to be fairly common in the old office, but since we moved they haven't come with us.  Unfortunately, part of the fence in our backyard blew down last night so they had to come with us so they didn't decide to go hang out with the neighbors or try to explore the wider world.  I like having them here.  The dragons stayed home, but Mondays are freeze-dried mealworm day for them, so at least they got a little treat.  Speaking of the dragons, last night I had a dream that one of the eggs hatched.  The baby was teeny-eensy-tiny, so I reached in to grab it to put it in a different cage, away from the adults.  As I was picking it up, Bulbasaur ran over and ate it!  The hubby said he had a similar dream a couple of nights ago.  I really don't think any of the eggs will actually hatch, but clearly my subconscious is stressed about what will happen if they do.

So, shoes.  Since it's Love Your Pet Day, I thought I'd do a variety of pets, not just puppies and dragons, because I've already done multiple posts on both.

Of course, I had to start with puppies and dragons.  I LOVE these.  Love.  Want.

Oh my goodness, the PB needs these!  They make me smile just looking at them.

The hubby isn't a cat fan.  I like cats, but am terribly allergic.  I don't think these would make me sneeze, though.
I've never personally had pet fish.  I once fish-sat for some friends in seminary.  One of the fish died on my watch...

I don't actually know anyone who has a pet hedgehog, but there are a ton of adorable videos on Facebook, so someone somewhere must have one.

Birdies!  I think these are incredibly sweet baby shoes.  Very Easter-y!

Obviously there are lots more pets in the world, but this is just a sampling. So, what kinds of pets do you have?  Anything unusual?  Let me know and I might have to do another post with different animals!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Any Color as Long as It's Blue

I helped teach Sunday School this morning.  It wasn't my morning to teach, just to be the extra person, so I got to hang out with the kids without planning a lesson.  This church tends to have mostly girls in Sunday School (I've only had 1 boy, 1 week when I've taught).  Today it was a group of 4, and I had a lovely time chatting with them while they did their craft.  During the time the head teacher complimented me on the necklace I was wearing (a sapphire surrounded by diamonds (it's paste, don't go thinking I have crazy expensive jewelry) that the hubby gave me for Christmas a few years ago.  She asked me if I was born in September.  I said no, my birthstone is diamond, but blue is my favorite color.  To which one of the kids piped up with "well, yeah, you wear it ALL the time!"  Observant little thing, eh?  Anyway, it gave me yet another reason to do a post on blue shoes!  Tonight's shoes are blue, but also springy because the trees are starting to bud out here and it's got me thinking about spring.

Do you think your toes get stuck in all of the strings when you put these on?  Or is that just me and my kluztiness?  I love this color.

Blue, strappy, AND t-strap.  Hooray!

Blue, polka-dot Mary Janes?  Also hooray!

I like these in theory, but I feel like my feet would swell and then I'd have weird shapes on my feet when I took my shoes off.  Yes, I have issues.

How much more spring-like can you get?  I might need these for EAster.

Or these.  

Ahhhh...I do love me some blue.  I like other colors, too, honest, but my mom likes to tell me that I like any color as long as it's blue.  Silly mama.  Except that everything I'm wearing at the moment, except for my bra, is blue...

Saturday, February 18, 2017


I didn't post on this holiday last year, but decided I couldn't pass it up a second time.  Because today is Cow Milked While Flying in an Airplane Day.  There really is a holiday for everything!  In honor of this momentous and historic occasion I give you cow shoes, of course!

These are hilarious.  Do they look less like mouths when there are feet in them or does it then look like the cows are eating your feet?

Holy cow indeed.

These are cute and also kind of strange.


I would wear either of these to a cow themed event, depending on how formal it was.

The PB could go with me!  Why are the cows green, though?

I hope you find a way to celebrate this crazy holiday.  I don't drink milk, but if I did, milk and cookies would seem a delightful choice.
Cow Milked While Flying In An Airplane Day

Read More: Today Marks Weird Event: ‘Cow Milked While Flying In An Airplane Day’ |
Cow Milked While Flying In An Airplane Day

Read More: Today Marks Weird Event: ‘Cow Milked While Flying In An Airplane Day’ |
Cow Milked While Flying In An Airplane Day

Read More: Today Marks Weird Event: ‘Cow Milked While Flying In An Airplane Day’ |

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Love is Love is Love

Happy Valentine's Day!  Whether you are in a relationship or not, I hope your day is full of love.  I know today is supposed to be about romantic love, but I say to heck with that.  The Beatles said "all you need is love," and I think that means whatever kind is available.  Romantic love?  Yep.  Familial love?  Awesome.  Platonic love?  Cool.  God's love?  The best.  Plus, any excuse to eat chocolate is OK in my book.  Here are some heart shoes to show the love:

No thank you.  This is all kinds of crazy.

But this one I love.  I would wear this if I still had the ability to wear heels!

Not bad.  I like the obvious theme.  I'm terrible with white shoes, though, and these would be filthy in no time.

They'd still be filthy, but I like these a little better, which is strange because I usually like red better than pink.

These are my favorite of this series, though.  I like the contrasts in colors.

I love the toe of this, but the rest of it is kind of meh.

Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope your day is full of love, whether you're single or in a relationship.  Also, regardless of relationship status, spread that love by telling people you love them!  I love you!  You are awesome and I am lucky to have you in my life!  Now.  Go eat some chocolate.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Dinos's been a day.  The roller coaster continues and I don't know how much longer I can be on this ridiculous ride.  Except I always say that and then there's always something else that happens that enables me to continue for just a little longer.  Could it just be a little flatter, though?  Do the lows have to be so darn low?  We were expecting some good news this week, and while we didn't get complete bad news, we got delaying news.  I know, this is vague, but I can't give you the details.  I would appreciate whatever prayers/good thoughts you have to give.  Adulting is hard.  Adulting is a stupid word, but that doesn't make it any less hard.

For no connected reasons, dinosaur shoes are cheering me up today:

I love them all.  I think I need the slippers.  How could I be sad wearing those?  Thanks in advance for the prayers or thoughts or whatever your belief system supports.  I'm lucky to have you in my life and with me on this journey.

Saturday, February 11, 2017


My mom (hi, Mom!) just posted this to my Facebook wall:

Crochet baby moccasins!  I honest can't decide if they're adorable or awful.  Maybe they're adorablawful?  I think it might be the fringe that's throwing me off, because I think the rest of the shoe is cute.  You know I had to go searching for more:

This fringe kind of makes me think of Bigfoot. bigfoot shoes.  I love the colors.

I like this fringe a little better, I think because it's more fringe-like and not as thick as that first picture.  Yes, I think that's what bugged me about the first pairs.

Definitely my least favorite, but I like the simplicity of them.

These are my favorite.

Thanks, Mom, for the inspiration for tonight's post!  I should actually go crochet now, as I'm behind on several projects...

Friday, February 10, 2017


Yesterday The Bean tagged me on Facebook, showing me this video:

It's an exhibition happening in New York right now, you can read more about it here if you want.  You should watch the video because there are some crazy shoes in there.  Here are a few stills I found:

The colors are really cool.  That's the only good thing I can say about these.

This is both hilarious and absolutely ridiculous to me.  Makes me laugh AND roll my eyes.

Huh.  Interesting shape, but can you actually walk in them?  I'm guessing I would slide and fall on my patootie.

This might be the most normal one of the group.

I don't think these have heels.  I still need to find a pair like this and try them on because I can't wrap my brain around how these are physically possible.

The Bean thought we should go to New York and see the exhibit.  That would be awesome.  I just need to win the lottery and collect my winnings before the 17th when the exhibit ends!
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