Thursday, May 28, 2015

Let's Go on a Picnic!

I almost forgot to post a batch of pictures the Pinterest Friend sent me awhile back.  I'm not sure if she was going for a theme, but they made me think of picnics.  Which sounds fun.  Who wants to go with me?

OK, so these aren't exactly practical picnic shoes, but you know how I love gingham, and these say picnic to me.  Just a picnic with concrete so those cute heels don't sink in the grass.

Baby picnic shoes!  Or other stuff, too, but hey, work with me on the picnic theme, OK?

I'm kind of wondering if that top pair is actually this watermelon pair.  I don't think so, because I don't think these have bows, but how cute are these?  Could I wear one red and one blue?  Too much?

More adorable baby shoes.  Watermelon and ants on the 4th of July.  Sounds like a picnic to me.

If that purse were a little bigger it could be the picnic basket and I could have matching shoes.

Stupid slingbacks.  But cute!  Apparently I and the nonexistent baby will be going on lots of picnics in all of our fun shoes.

I have no idea where today went, but it disappeared and I feel like I got nothing done.  I hate it when days get sucked into the time vortex.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Thank you, everyone, for your kind words of encouragement after my grumpy post the other night.  Yesterday was better, thank goodness, and today was also good, so I'm grateful for that.  Because   she is awesome and caring, the Pinterest Friend sent me a bunch of pins to cheer  me up on Monday night, this being one of them:

Aren't these happy?  The inspired me to go in search of more happy, smiley shoes.

Love these.  Want them for the canvas shoe collection.

This cracks me up.  I'd love to wear these under my alb.

The smiley faces are OK, but I lovelovelove those shoelaces in the yellow shoes.

For you happy flip flop lovers out there.

I don't particularly like the material these are made of, but like the different colors.

Oooh...stripes!  And very sweet faces.

Happy Jelly shoes!

I love tie-dye.  Usually I prefer straight tie-dye with no frills, but I'd still add these to the canvas shoe collection.

Will someone get me these?  Especially the second one from the left?  Thanksloveya.

Thanks again for restoring a fraction of my faith in humanity.  Lots of people still suck, sadly, but I'm grateful to be surrounded by amazing, loving, fantastic friends.

Monday, May 25, 2015


Sigh.  I need to vent a little.  Today I've been grumpy, sad, disheartened, and angry by turns.  The sinus infection doesn't help (massive pressure, but nothing is coming out, even with the neti pot), but I feel like I lost a little faith in humanity today.  I'm not going to go into details, but I don't understand why people feel they can say anything they want to anyone they want.  The circumstances are something that I should be able to shake off, but for whatever reason today I just can't.  I don't like feeling like I'm back in high school with passive aggressive people.  Added to this is the fact that I've been told more than once in the last couple of weeks that I kind of suck as a human being, and I'm just having a massively pissy kind of day.  Puppy snuggles are only making a tiny dent in my mood, so I'm not even sure shoes can cheer me up at this point.  I'm going to give it a shot.

Lots of my favorite things:  polka dots, stripes, plaid, wedges, baby shoes, dragonflies.  But, eh.  Only marginally improved the mood.  I'll have to revisit them in a better mood so I can enjoy them more. 

I hope your Memorial Day was more enjoyable than mine.  I'm making some tea, taking a mindless book and some puppies, and going to bed.

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Oh my is World Tiara Day!  I wish I'd known this before so I could have had a tiara tea party.  I could have gone home and one with the nieces, or invited friends over and made the hubby serve us tea and cookies.  Tiara tea parties are a tradition in my family.  I don't even remember when or why we started, but we put on tiaras (Mom has a selection), use a fun tea pot from Mom's collection, and eat cookies (usually).  We speak with totally phony accents, hold our tea cups with our pinkies out, and generally act silly.  Mom gets to be the queen and the rest of us are princesses or duchesses or something else fancy.  Are we dorks?  Why yes we are.  We are also awesome.  See?

DJ wasn't in a tiara mood that day, and Pippi is holding hers rather than wearing it, but you get the idea.  I am so not a princess kind of girl generally, it's just for tea parties, but I do kind of have a secret love of tiaras.  And we all know of my love of shoes, so here are some combinations of the 2:

Boring color (I know, this shoe would be fabulous with certain outfits), but the tiara shoe clip is fun.

Whoa...sparkly! tiara shoes.

More sparkles!  I like the fancy shoelaces.

Is that like a giraffe print?  I like the tiara detail, though.  My main question is this:  why can't there be another color besides pink?  Yes, tiaras are girly, but girls can wear other colors.  I bet even princesses can wear other colors.

Happy World Tiara Day!  I'm thinking I need to be home next year on May 24th so we can have a fabulous tiara tea party.  I'm also thinking I better start writing this stuff down since I keep making potential future plans...

Saturday, May 23, 2015

World Turtle Day

Have I told you lately how awesome my mama is?  After reading the patchwork post the other night she went online and ordered me these:

I got them yesterday, how fun are they?  She's the bestest.  Oh, and speaking of patchwork and mamas, my mama--in-law got her afghan and loved it.  Yay!  

Since my last post was already about patchwork, we'll move on for tonight.  Did you know that today was World Turtle Day?  Now you do!  Which means turtle shoes!

Oh my goodness.  Turtle slippers for the puppies!  Also, it's my duty as the puppy mama to say that my puppies are cuter, even this one is no slouch in the cute department.  My puppies might have to get turtle slippers for Christmas/birthday.

And Mom and Dad could have slippers, too!

This is just adorable.  I think I might love turtle shoes.

These are like a preschool art project.  And yet?  Still adorable.

This seals it.  I need kids to go with the puppies and the whole family needs turtle shoes.

Yep. Family turtle shoes.  Need them.

In other news, I had a Skype interview today with a church.  It went fairly well, I think, despite all of my anxiety dreams beforehand.  They seem very nice, their paperwork was actually kind of exciting to me, and now we'll see.  They're kind of far away in terms of commuting, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.  First I have to see if they want a second interview (they have 7 people total to interview), and then who knows?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I just finished an afghan for my mama-in-law for Mother's Day.  I was a week late (I mailed it yesterday), so I definitely lose daughter-in-law points.  I had a ton of yarn leftover from other projects and decided to use that.  This was the result:

It's a little crazy, but I like how it turned out.  But then, I like lots of color and craziness.  The hubby's main comment while I was working on it was, "but why does it have to be so MANY colors?"  I don't know what the man has against color.  Oh well, hopefully his mama likes color and she won't have the same reaction.  I've already done patchwork post, but it was almost a year ago, so I figure I can do another one.

I wonder if I could make my own patchwork shoes?  Hmmm...something to ponder.

This is cute and very sweet.

Yep.  Seems like a DIY project I should look into (not that I'm great at DIY, but maybe my mama has some thoughts).

Of course I like the blue a little better, but I think both of these are really fun.  In 10 years I can wear the 2nd pair and hang out with the Red Hat ladies.

I would like these better without the peep toe.  A misplaced peep toe can ruin everything.

Holy buckets.  What the heck?  These are kind of quaint in their craziness, but the crazy is taken up a million times by putting them with the other  pattern.

Not much of interest to report from here.  The hubby hasn't been feeling well the last few days and has been rather cranky.  I try to cut him some slack, but apparently I've been too grumpy for much slack.  Flower and Laughter might tell me that I've been hanging out in the cranky pants woods (they even have a's pretty awesome).  The grumpy husband is already asleep and I shall soon be taking my cranky pants there shortly.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Some of you already know this, but I have a strange obsession with casino carpets.  Casinos are high traffic areas, so they employ crazy patterns to help hide the dirt.  In my next life I kind of want to be one of the people who designs these carpets.  If you've never paid attention, or never been to a casino, got take a peep and see what you think.  The hubby and I are in Reno tonight celebrating a friend's 50th birthday.  The carpet does not disappoint:

 It actually makes me a little nauseous if I try to look at it while walking.

This is the carpet in the hall outside our room.  This isn't bad, it's actually kind of pretty.

The following shoes aren't as crazy as casino carpet, but they do have some pretty interesting patterns.

The pattern is a bit much, but it wouldn't be so bad if it didn't cover the wedge as well.

Dang.  I'm not even sure what to say about these except that was one fancy snake.

I actually like this pattern.

The PF must have read my mind, because she sent me this pin this week.  I love these.  I would love them as carpet, too.  Does that make me weird?

I'm extremely boring and going to bed early.  All of the smoke has made my head gross and my eyes all gunky.  We had a wonderful dinner with the group, and I honestly have been social, I just need to take my goopy self to bed.

PS--we're here overnight and I brought 3 pairs of shoes.  I've worn 2 and the 3rd will get worn tomorrow, so it wasn't overkill!
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