Sunday, September 20, 2015


I posted the other day about the baby blankie I made recently, and today I'll talk about the other half of the gift.  Mama of the baby and big brother posted this picture on Facebook:

Have you ever read Bear in Underwear?  You totally should!  Especially if you are 3, because underwear is hilarious to 3 year olds.  This is a whole series of books, and the nephew thought they were awesome when he was 3 and 4.  When I send a baby present and the baby has an older sibling I often try to send something for the sibling as well, although I don't always manage it.  So big brother got a new book about a bear and his tighty whiteys.

Today's shoes will be about bears because (trust me on this) you really don't want to do an image search with the word underwear in it.

Baby shoes with bears and blue.  You know I'm going to like that!

These are adorable.  Add ribbon laces to the baby bear shoes and I like them even more!

And then we have these.  You know I love a theme shoe, but I can't see myself wearing these.  Well, maybe if I was going to an event of some sort involving children.  Maybe if we were reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears?  But in general, I have to say no these.

These are a little cuter, but same thing applies.

I actually find this really cute.  I'd still have to have a specific event for it, but it's kind of adorable.

Enjoy your Sunday!  Go read some Bear in Underwear if you need something entertaining to do.  Or watch football.  You know, whatever makes you happiest.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Baby Blue Blankie

Shhhh...I'm writing this at the office, don't tell my boss!  Said boss is actually at a meeting, our one current employee is home sick, and I'm taking advantage of the quiet to write a quick post. Are there other things I should be doing?  Yes, but nothing that can't wait.  And I just found out that my latest project has arrived at its destination, so I can share it here and not ruin the surprise on the off-chance they read the blog.

This is for the new baby of a family at St. Someone's.  He's a little over a month old, and super cute.  Which isn't surprising as his older brother has always been super cute (Mom and Dad must have super-cute-baby genes)  

*Happy side-note:  Said older brother wore orange to his baptism, so I, of course, matched my shoes to his shirt.  Yes, I was an incredibly dorky pastor.

*Unhappy side-note:  I'm trying not to take it horribly personally how many people from St. Someone's have un-friended me on Facebook since I left.  This makes me sad.

Enough side-notes.  Back to the post.  It's time for some blue, crocheted shoes.

I think Toms has these in pretty much every color.  I approve.  These are my wedding color, so of course I approve of these the most. 

Adorable.  The Potential Baby might have to have some.  Which means this business had better do well so I can spend my days at home crocheting instead of at the office writing blog posts. Heehee.

See?  I'll need the time to make sure the PB has a different pair of adorable shoes for every day of his or her baby life.

I love these.  I'd wear them as slippers if they came in my size.

How cute are these?  Maybe the puppies need some puppy shoes?

Blue pigs.  Why are the piggies blue?  And why is there one random pair that's not blue?

Oh hell no.

I couldn't leave you with that last pair.  These are much better.  And the girlier version of that first pair.

Dang, I keep forgetting that the PB would need matching hats.  Maybe the hubby and I shouldn't have a baby...the obsessive perfectionism might kill me.

Look 2 posts in a week!  I've actually missed writing.  Maybe I'll be able to find some more time/inspiration to write a little more often going forward.  For now I need to get back to work before I get fired.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Owl Family

You might remember, if you've been reading for awhile, that the Pinterest Friend loves owls.  She and her family moved to Idaho last summer, and just recently bought a new house.  Yay!  Because she's awesome, I wanted to send her something as a housewarming gift.  I went in search of some fun owl crochet patterns and ended up making her a little owl family:

The pattern was for parents and a baby, which is perfect as she and her husband have a son.  These were a lot of fun to make, and I think they turned out pretty cute (and I might have to tie my hands together to stop myself from blathering on about all of the mistakes I made, especially with the baby).

The PF got the owl family today, and posted this picture on Facebook.  Wasn't that so sweet of her?  She's all kinds of awesome.  I'm sure you won't be surprised to learn that I then went off on a search for crocheted owl shoes:

I somehow don't think the PF's son and hubby would be keen on having a family of matching owl slippers.  Their loss, really.

The potential baby might end up with a rainbow of owl slippers!

And clearly (s)he would then need a rainbow of matching owl hats.

And a rainbow of matching Mama slippers!

So many adorable owls, so little time.

Obviously the blue ones are my favorite.

Yay for good friends, fun projects, and actually posting!  Oh, and the fact that it only got up to 73 here today after being 108 on Friday.

Monday, August 31, 2015


Those of you on Facebook know that I spent part of my Saturday afternoon voluntarily watching football.  It was on ESPN, which rarely happens for my Alma Mater, and I asked the hubby to flip to it just so I could check the score.  Then I got sucked in.  To football.  Which I hate.  I blame the hubby.  Although even I have to admit that it was a really good game, and UM won by scoring a touchdown with 6 seconds left.  I still can't believe I watched it, though, and couldn't believe it when I was sitting there watching it.  I did look at shoes while watching, so maybe I'm not a completely lost cause.  My college's colors are maroon and silver or gray, so here are some school spirited shoes:

We start with shoes I would actually wear to a game.  Because crazy I might be, but I'm not crazy enough to wear heels to a football game.  Especially in Montana where I'm likely to get frostbite.  I like the first one best.

It's hard to find cute shoes with both colors.  I like the accent details here with a little bit of the silver.

I love these. A lot.

I couldn't find many options where the silver was the dominant color, which is OK, because I think I like it better as the accent color.

Well this is...sparkly.  I should like it, it's a t-strap, but I don't know.  Maybe it's cuter on.


Yesterday was a fun day because I got to see my auntie for the first time in 2 years.  She is house-sitting for a friend in Sonoma, so I drove there to see her and the 2 friends who came with her.  It was awesome to get to hang out, and she looks amazing.  We went thrift store shopping and I found the cutest dress, so that was fun.  I also found some really cute brown Clarks, but they were too big.  Sadness.  Oh, speaking of Clarks, I'm pretty sure I ran errands like this on Saturday:

This is what happens when I like a shoe so much I buy it in multiple colors.

In other news, today is Laughter's 5th birthday! She is such a smart, beautiful, funny little drama queen.  Don't try to get any of her bacon, though, because she will NOT share.  Here are some bacon shoes just for her (and I know these are for a baby and not a 5 year old, but some of the bacon shoes are really creepy):

Now that we're all caught up on the weekend, I'll tell you what else I've been thinking about.   I might take a break from posting.  I haven't been posting regularly anyway, first because we've been so busy with the new office, but also because I'm feeling so blah, I'm not inspired, and I don't want to keep posting depressing stuff.  Yesterday was awesome, I loved seeing my aunt, but I am in such a pit of depression right now that I wasn't fully present in the moment.  I couldn't get out of my own head and I was on the verge of tears for most of the day.  The hubby and I have had some major bumps in the road the past few weeks (hell, for our entire marriage if we're honest), I think I've ruined a relationship with someone I really care about, I feel like I'm failing at everything, and I can't keep dumping it here.  So I might post occasionally when I have the time and inclination, but I don't think it will be on a regular basis for awhile.  Not even shoes can pull me out of this pit of despair.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

National Dog Day!

So remember how yesterday I said I should wear shoes with lower heels today since my feet were so swollen?  Well, I did.  I chose shoes that I was convinced had shorter heels until I actually got to the office and measured them.  4 1/2 inches.  Ooooh...a whole half an inch shorter!  Insert eye roll here.  I'm currently wearing flats, just in case you were curious.

Today started out promising enough.  I got to sleep in until 6!  But then everything went to Tartarus in a handbasket.  Cue freaking out and panic mode.  Between that and all the crap happening in the news, today's post will be dogs wearing shoes in honor of National Dog Day.  I think we could all use a little cuteness in the day.

They can't fix everything, but hopefully at least one of today's pictures put a smile on your face.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

3rd Anniversary Adventures

Yesterday was the hubby's and my 3rd anniversary (5th anniversary of our first date).  Traditionally, the first anniversary is paper, the second anniversary is cotton, and the 3rd anniversary is leather.  Not to say I can't do it going forward, but I totally dropped the ball with the first theme of paper, so I haven't done traditionally themed gifts for our anniversaries.  I didn't do a themed gift again this year, but at least I can do a themed post? 

Before we get to the leather shoes, though, yesterday was also quite the day because it's the day our new employees started (apparently we like to keep our anniversaries simple).  OK.  The new adventure.  Some of you know, and some of you don't, so I suppose it's time to stop alluding to it and actually tell you what's going on.  The hubby's job of the last year-and-a-half was challenging for many reasons; too many to go into in this post. In June, though, the weirdness became even weirder:  the local office in San Francisco started acting like they wanted to get rid of him, but the corporate office wanted to promote him.  In fact, they set up a couple of options for him, and it looked like things were going to work out, so the hubby turned down 2 other opportunities with other companies.  But then the lovely VP of the SF office sabotaged 3 separate attempts by corporate, and the hubby decided enough was enough and it was time to head out on his own.  Starting in June we began the process of starting a new business.  We got the office the first part of August and started getting everything set up, and new employees started yesterday (which is another story of insanity...ask me in person some time and I'll share that drama).  So I'm working in an office again.  I have no idea what my title is, though.  I'm the receptionist/gopher/office manager/janitor/keeper-of-Quickbooks, and whatever else each day might bring.  I've also lost the ability to walk in heels, a skill I must get back since I now have a place to wear them again!

Speaking of heels, let's move on to the shoe portion of today's post.

And of course they're going to be blue leather since it's my favorite color and our wedding color.  I'm not terribly fond of the shape of this just sitting there, but I know it would look cute under jeans.

Better shape, and would also look cute with jeans.  Or possibly a long dress.  But not a short one.

These are neither cute nor a good shape.  Maybe they look better on, and I'm sure there are women who could rock the style, it's just not a style I'm terribly fond of.

Does patent leather count?  It's my blog, so I say it does.  I love this!  So shiny and blue-y and Mary Jane-y!

Love this, too.  Probably a better heel height for the office, also, as opposed to the 5 inchers I'm wearing today.

I have these in black!  They are soooo comfortable.

I know it's not shoes, BUT, I told the hubby that when we make our millions :-) from this new adventure that we need to buy each other leather jackets, and I want this one.
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