Sunday, December 21, 2014


Today had me thinking about light.  It's the Winter Solstice, which means it's the shortest day of the year.  Less light and more dark, but starting tomorrow that balance will start back the other way, little by little.  Advent is like that as well.  We wait in darkness for the light that is Jesus to come into the world.  Each week we light one more candle on the Advent wreath, adding more and more light.  I was also noticing Christmas lights today, first on the seester's 2 trees, then on the tree at a friend's house, and finally on all of the houses as I drove home in the growing dark.  I love the lights this time of year.  Here are some Christmas lights for you to contemplate.  They won't light up the darkness in a literal sense, but maybe they'll make you smile a bit.

If I had these I would have worn them while decorating all the trees this year.

This just makes me want to cross-stitch (while also reminding me that I have a cross-stitch project waiting to be finished that is looooong overdue).

I'm not exactly sure what these are in terms of decorations, but they are certainly festive.

Wait, these might have better arch support for the decorating...

Yep.  The shoe tree needs these.  Maybe not in purple.  Maybe in a multicolored strand? occurs to me that I don't actually have any Christmas socks with lights on them.  I should probably remedy that situation one of these years.

Not socks or shoes, but fits with the theme, and they're cute!  Double A could totally do this, I wish I'd thought of it before she went to her mom's!

My family and friends are definitely lights in my own darkness.  I spent time last night and today teaching Flower how to crochet a granny square.  She's still working on memorizing the pattern, but she is doing awesome.  Pretty sure she's way better than I was at 9.  Laughter has more energy than 10 kids and sometimes makes me tired just looking at her.  We painted with water colors today, and she made a map so we'd know where we all lived.  This afternoon was a Christmas open house at a friend's house.  She and her family recently moved into a new house, so it was a house-warming as well.  Her kiddos also crack me up.  And then tonight the seester, Flower, Laughter, and I all sat together and watched White Christmas together.  What a perfect end to the day.  

Thank you to all of you who bring light to my darkness!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Teeny Tiny

I'm being very domestic today:  dishes, laundry, packing, wrapping presents, hopefully crocheting.  I leave for the seester's this afternoon to spend a few days with them before Christmas.  It will be fun and I get to hang out with Flower and Laughter!  

I wasn't sure if I was going to, but today I decided what the heck, I'll show you the tree in the bathroom:

It's a teeny tiny tree with no lights and teeny tiny ornaments.  It tends to stay decorated all of the time, and sometimes it just stays up all year.  I was trying to decide how to tie in teeny tiny shoes, but all I could find were Barbie shoes, and I didn't want to do those again.  As usual, though, the Pinterest Friend was reading my mind because she sent me 8 pins last night.

Teeny tiny crocheted shoe ornaments!  Aren't they adorable?

The rest are regular sized ornaments rather than teeny tiny, but hey, they're smaller than regular shoes, so I say it works.  SKD needs these for her tree.  Green AND flip flops!

These are really cool.  Apparently I need to learn to sew.


Disney ornaments!  Look at the Jasmine shoe, her hair is the heel.

Ooooh...sparkly!  Also, ankle strap and t-strap.  My kind of ornament.

See?  I need to invest in a sewing machine.

These aren't ornaments, but I thought it was really cute.  I should have had it for the jingle bell tree post.

Once again, thanks PF!

Hopefully I haven't shocked anyone too much with this early posting.  They happen occasionally.  Just chalk it up to a Christmas miracle.

Friday, December 19, 2014


The Bean and Double A got out of school at 1:00 today, so we got to hang out all afternoon.  And we didn't just get to hang out, we got to hang out in matching penguin pajamas! Here we are modeling our PJs:

Yes, I'm aware that we have no heads...  So, why do we have matching pajamas you ask?  I ordered them for our movie marathon a couple of weeks ago, but they didn't arrive until yesterday.  It actually worked out OK since we all went to see The Penguins of Madagascar tonight and had themed outfits for the event.  Yes, I'm almost 40 and just went to the movie in my pajamas.  Don't judge me.

Sadly we didn't have any penguin shoes to go with our outfits.  

They're all adorable, so instead of saying that for EVERY picture, I'll spare you and only make the one comment.

I'm not sure I would call these adorable.  They're interesting, certainly, and even more so because they are vintage.

I hope you have some adorable pajamas to sleep in this Christmas.  If not, you should find some nieces and go out and get matching ones!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

White Crocheted Ornaments

Tonight was the Elementary program at school, so we got to go see The Bean, The VH, Pippi, and Tink perform.  It was a lot of fun if you were able to block out the amazingly rude adults sitting behind us.  The Bean and The VH both play the saxophone.  They are in 6th and 5th grades, respectively, and those performances always crack me up.  The students are all so earnest and the music is all so loud and kind of monotone.  It's awesome, and I totally remember being the earnest flute player in the 5th and 6th grade bands.  Tink and Pippi both sang 2 songs with their classes and did great jobs.

I think I also finished decorating at Mom's house today.  At least I'm saying I'm done.  I'll need a fairly compelling reason to do anything else.  I finished decorating the tree in Mom's room today, and spent way more time than necessary (because I was being OCD and stubborn) putting up these cool, old frosted Christmas lights from my grandma's house.

Speaking of trees, here is the one I finished yesterday:

No, wait.  Dad actually finished it, because he put the garland on, shoved it back in the corner and put the tree skirt on.  This is the living room tree, and the biggest one in the house.  It used to be full of all of the random ornaments we kids got each year, so of course nothing matched.  Then we finally grew up and moved out and Mom could have a themed tree.  And that theme is white crochet.  And some tatting.  And some cross stitch.  And a few  things that aren't white.  But you get where I'm going with this.

So of course, white crocheted shoes!  These are pretty, but I would most likely have them (and every pair following) dirty in about 30 seconds.

Also pretty, but my favorite part is the visible sock line.

This isn't my favorite style, but I really like the crochet on these.  So simple and pretty.

The obligatory baby shoes!

 These are Toms.  They are white.  And crocheted.

Slippers!  I could probably even make these if I had a pattern.

These were listed as wedding shoes.  I hope they have some kind of sole, or they are going to be ruined in no time flat.  Plus a bride needs some good arch support.

Holy buckets I'm tired.  So this is good night!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Christmas has definitely taken over, and not just with the blog posts.  I've been busy wrapping, mailing, baking (OK, not baking so far, but still making cookies), sending Christmas cards, shopping, decorating, etc.  Monday I stayed up way later than planned because I was watching A Miracle on 34th Street and finishing crocheting a Christmas present.  Yesterday I decorated Mom's big tree in the living room, and went to the high school Christmas program.  This year they did it a little differently:  In addition to the concert, they also had 2 short plays performed by the drama department.  I finally got to see Double A act!  She's really good.  I was one proud auntie/former drama nerd.  I also got to snuggle with The Bean for most of the performance.  Oh!  I also got my new glasses in the mail yesterday!  So today Dad and I traveled to the "big city" to get them adjusted because they were giving me an awful headache and I couldn't really see that well.  We got the glasses adjusted, ran some errands, had lunch, and came home.  Tonight we went to the theater for a small movie party.  Dad had invited some of his friends to watch his favorite Christmas movie, the musical Scrooge.  Can I just say it's awesome having a family who owns a movie theater where we can go watch DVDs on the big screen?  I got more snuggle time from The Bean, but tonight it was because she wasn't feeling well, poor thing.  Since tonight was at the theater, I took a picture of the Christmas tree there, that Dad and I decorated on Sunday:

Hmmmm... it seems to be leaning a bit.  Oh well, what I want you to see is that every ornament on this tree, with the exception of the tree topper, was hand painted by my mama.  Each stocking was made in honor of every employee they've ever had, with the employee's name on the back.  The rest are a bunch of different Santa Clauses.  She's pretty awesomely talented, my mom.  Dad cut them all out, too, so I don't want to leave him out.

So, all of tonight's shoes are hand painted.  I've had lots of hand painted shoes on here, but tonight they are all hand painted and all Christmasy.  I want these.

I'll take a pair of these, to, please.  Maybe I'd wear one of each of these 2 pairs for a nice contrast.

These are just begging for a gorgeous, coordinated Norwegian sweater.

Awww...colorful and whimsical.

I know a teacher who needs these.  He has some Christmas ones already, but I think he needs these too.  And maybe a matching tie.

Yummy little candy cane shoes!

See?  The whole family could have Christmas tennies.  It would be very festive!

All of these painter people are very talented.  That's not a skill I have.  I can't draw, and I can only paint walls if they aren't too complicated.  And now it's back to Christmas cards, and then maybe some crocheting.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Jingle Jingle!

I had a rather amazing day.  I was really productive (part of that productivity was paying bills, which is necessary but not exactly fun) and my dad and I went on a drive out in lovely nature and took some pictures of my beautiful home valley.  Good stuff.  I know it doesn't actually sound like much, but i haven't had many days in the last year where I felt really good emotionally and physically, so I'm putting today in the win column.  This is one of my favorite pictures from our outing:

It looks like a painting to me.  I guess fog is good for something!

In tree decorating news, yesterday while I was having a getting-over-being-sick nap Laughter was busy decorating a tree with Nana:

This one is in the kitchen, where we've never had a tree before.  It used to go where the gingerbread tree now lives, but then the gingerbread theme started taking over, and the jingle bells kind of got the shaft.  But now they get to brighten the kitchen!  In case you can't see, there are red and gold jingle bells and then these really fun gold, squiggly ornament hangers that we just use as hangers because they're really fun, gold, and squiggly.

Sometimes procrastination pays off.  I was finally sorting through my inbox today  (productivity!) and found this pin that the Pinterest Friend sent me.  It just happened to go with the theme of the post I was planning for today, so I figured the universe must approve.  I'm glad these are drawings because those shoes make my feet hurt just looking at them.

Festive!  And these look like they could be a fun and simple DIY project.

I don't usually like gold accents, but I love love love these.  Definite holiday shoegasm.

They aren't terribly bright and festive, but I still think they're adorable.  Again, a DIY project.

Oooo...the St. Someone parish administrator NEEDS these! Actually, I might need them too...

Not my favorite crocheted booties, but still cute and festive.

I think I'd go with these for PB instead.

Tune in tomorrow for possibly yet another tree!

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