Sunday, September 28, 2014


The hubby went to the 49ers game today with a friend of his, so it was just me and the puppies.  I alternated between cleaning and relaxing.  I enjoyed some reading time, which is always awesome.  I also played Boggle on my Kindle.  I downloaded the app last night and it could be  a very bad thing as I get totally obsessed.  It's like reading "just one more chapter."  Each game is only 3 minutes, so "just one more game" shouldn't be a big deal, right?  Well, 10-20 games later...  Oh well.  The hubby like strategy games like Clash of Clans, and I like word games.  I've known I was a dork for quite a long time.

Anyway, as I was thinking about what kind of shoes to go looking for for tonight's post, dragonflies popped into my head.  I've done them before, as they are my favorite, but hey, there are always more shoes out there.  So here we go:

I love these.  I would detest the thing between my toes, but I might try to tolerate it for these awesome dragonfly sandals.

These are interesting.  I like the heels, actually, and the iridescence makes sense in theory.  In practice, though it makes me think of very pretty snake scales.  No thanks.

These are really cool.  I could probably figure out how to make these myself.

Wow.  I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I actually like these.  I doubt I would buy them, but they're definitely interesting and different.
Love these too.

I'm turning into a broken record:  Love these.

Awwwww...Can I please borrow someone's baby so I can play dress up with its sweet little feet?

Please?  I'll give the baby back.  All of my nieces are old enough to have their own opinions and won't let me arbitrarily dress them.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Random Puppy Facts

I've mentioned before how I've never really liked dogs.  I told the hubby I absolutely did NOT want a dog, and if we ever somehow ended up with one it would be an outside dog.  Yeah, now I have two of the creatures that I'm madly in love with and who I let sleep in our bed.  Since I am clearly insane, I may as well embrace it and write a(nother) post about them.

Chalupa is a kisser.  The instant he gets close to either of us he licks our face, with emphasis on inside of our noses and mouths.  It's gross, and his aim is uncanny.  Tallulah will occasionally lick, but it's pretty rare.  Instead, she likes to put her face right up to mine and smell my breath.  This is weird.  And yet it's still better than a dog tongue in my mouth or nose.

Chalupa is extremely needy.  He's like a toddler with separation anxiety and follows me everywhere.  If I'm sitting he's sleeping next to me or on my lap.  If he can get in he lays on the bathmat while I go to the bathroom.  I have to be careful while walking because he's constantly underfoot.  Tallulah is less needy.  But they are completely opposite when we let them sleep with us.  Tallulah is a total spooner and has to be touching one of us, while Chalupa immediately heads to the bottom of the bed to be by himself.

Both puppies would rather have carrots than dog treats.

Now you'd probably think I'd be moving on to something related to puppies and shoes, right?  Nope.  Since random is in the title, I'm going to continue with that theme and move on to....rain boots!  Besides the hubby's injuries and the seester's birthday, Thursday also brought us RAIN!!!  It didn't last all day, but it was sooooo nice to finally give some moisture.    That night the Pinterest Friend sent me these two pictures:

These are from her sister's Instagram account.  She was channeling her inner child and enjoying the rain.  How cute are her rain boots?  So let's look at some more rain boots and puddles.

I totally want it to rain again so I can play in the puddles!  Of course, first I'd have to buy some rain boots.  Or go out and play in regular shoes, which would be bad.

I actually thought that first picture was her boots in leaves, so I found a couple of those.  It's actually bark, but I already found the pictures.  Plus these rain boots have umbrellas on them so they go with the puddle theme!

And these have owls on them, which are the PF's favorite.  I had to include them.

So puppies and rain and boots and puddles.  Random?  Yes.  But it's a random kind of day.

Friday, September 26, 2014

And The Award Goes To...

Me! For the worst sister ever! Because yesterday was the seester's birthday and I totally forgot to mention it in my blog post. Hubby and his injuries made me completely forget. Sigh. Better late than never? Since her favorite color is green and mine is blue (although we both like the other color as well) tonight's shoes are matching pairs in both colors.

Because she is way smarter than I, the seester doesn't wear heels a lot. I don't know if she shares my curse of the slingback, though.

Love the ballet flats.

I think these look like the seester. She can rock a Mary Jane like nobody's business.

A little heel, but wedges tend to be more comfy.

I couldn't find these in blue, but I think she could really work this olive color.

Ok, so one pair of heels just for whimsy. 

You know the best part? We wear the same size, so not only can we be shoe twins, but we can also swap colors! Now if only we lived closer so we could hang out more and share shoes.

By the way, the hubby 's hand is blistered today but not terribly painful, so that's good.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Poor Hubby

It was a rough day for the hubby.  He had his permanent crown put on this morning and was in some pretty major pain when the numbness wore off and before the ibuprofen kicked in.  Thankfully after that and a nap he felt a lot better.  Then he was really sweet and made me dinner tonight, but wasn't thinking and grabbed a pan he had just taken out of a 500 degree oven.  More ibuprofen and a bag of ice to hold to keep the pain at bay.  I think he's sleeping now, which should help.  The only thing we did today that didn't hurt the man was go to Staples.  We didn't buy anything but we did have a very romantic time looking at window envelopes.  We're crazy like that.  So we're taking the non-painful part of the day for tonight's shoes:

If I were a teacher I would definitely wear these.

Of course I would have to find a shoe tape dispenser.  This one is different than a lot of the other ones I've seen.  I like that it's a sassy red.

Speaking of red.  How fun is this?  It looks like a normal stapler when it's laying down.  Looks like a crazy uncomfortable high heel standing up.

It's not office supplies, but it could be.  I wonder if I could convince the hubby I need this in our bathroom? 

Pencil cases!  I might have to find these and buy them for all the nieces.

Holy fancy office equipment, Batman.  This actually kind of cracks me up.  I like it and at the same time it makes me roll my eyes.  Do I really need sparkly office supplies?

I might need some pencil shaped erasers, but this kind never actually work.  They're cute but they always end up smearing rather than erasing.  At least that was the case in my day.  You know, back in the Dark Ages.

I'm sure I could have taken MUCH better notes in college if I'd had this notebook.

I saw several of these in different patterns.  I think it's actually a shoe with stuff shoved in it.  I don't have any booties, but I like this.

So, office supplies and shoes.  Now I guess I just need an office again.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Inbox Purge

First, let me say thank you for all of your lovely comments about the pictures in last night's post.  I  never feel like I have a good eye for photography.  Last night the pictures just came naturally, though, and I had fun stacking up books and deciding which shoe to go with the stack.  Maybe the key is that for once I didn't over-think things.

So today I finally got around to cleaning out my email inbox.  I used to be really organized about this and never had more emails in the inbox than I could see in one screen shot.  I think I had over 300 to go through this time.  The fun (and slightly embarrassing) thing about this process was finding a whole slew of pins the Pinterest Friend has sent me that I haven't featured on here.

That's just a whole lot of pink happening with those boots.  These say 80s to me, but I have no idea when they are from.

Baseball shoes.  Have I ever done a baseball post?

Do I even have to tell you how I feel about these?  One word:  shoegasm.

Love these also.  They're so dainty looking.  They say Easter shoes, or afternoon tea shoes to me.

So cute.  Hopefully the Potential Baby won't inherit my hatred of the thing between my toes.


Look how pretty this card is.  It looks kind of vintage to me, but really, what do I know?  I just guess and make stuff up.  

These remind me of the brother.  I wonder if I could get him to wear them?

Not about shoes, but definitely the theme of my childhood!

Also not shoes.  Pup holders!  My puppies would never stand for this.  Actually they would.  They would stand for it, then run around and jump all over the car because they aren't banished to the backseat like usual.


Sooooo cute.  They just made my ovaries contract.

LOVE these.  I'm actually pretty sure I've used some of these before, but I can't remember, don't feel like taking the time to look, and figure if they're pretty why not look at them again?

That PF is awesome, isn't she?  If you are the praying sort, you might pray for discernment for them.  They're trying to figure out things in Idaho and whether or not they might have to come back to California for awhile.  They're good peeps and they deserve good stuff.

Finally, speaking of prayers:  The hubby's sister was diagnosed with shingles this week.  She is in major pain but still trying to go to work.  I still haven't met her, but even I could tell how much pain she was in on the phone today.  I know she would appreciate your prayers.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Calendars, Books, and Shoes

I really do have fabulous friends.  Today I opened the mailbox and  (with quite a lot of tugging and yanking, remind me to have a chat with our mailman) pulled out this:

The hubby saw it on the coffee table when he got home and said, "books, not shoes?  That's just not right."  The card that came with the gift also indicated that books were not my greatest passion.  I have to say that I write a blog about shoes because they are fun and pretty and silly, but books are, always have been, and always will be my bigger passion.  I love to read.  LOVE IT.  I can pass up shoes, but it is really hard not to buy most of the books I see.

True story!  I can be stubborn about books and will often read something long after I should have given up because it was just not a good fit.  Books are my escape, and if I'm escaping somewhere I hate, why bother?

How perfect are these?  Shoes, a stack of books, and cup of yummy tea?  Sounds like a perfect winter day.  So.  Books and shoes.  Instead of finding pictures online, I decided to create my own tonight.  Here are some of my favorite books and some of my favorite shoes.  You've seen all the shoes already, but you'll just have to deal with it.  Or you know, stop reading.  Utilize your free will.

Harry Potter.  Duh.   I've read the entire series many many times.  If you don't like Harry Potter then I'm just not sure I want to be friends with you.

The Percy Jackson series.  I only included the box set of the first series, but I love the Heroes of Olympus series as well.  Definitely a fan of the fantasy.

2 sets of books from my childhood that I then bought as an adult, Little House on the Prairie and The Chronicles of Narnia.  I was obsessed with Little House, and even dressed up like Laura for Halloween one year.  I didn't read the Narnia books until I was older, then I bought the box set while I was on internship.  I think it was Prince Caspian that I read in its entirety in the bathtub one night.

I first started reading The Hunger Games trilogy a few months after I moved to California the second time.  I was going through a major bout of depression from the transition and initially hated the first book.  It took me forever to get into it.  Then I got completely sucked in on a flight home to Montana and devoured the series.

I have a love/hate with this series.  I discovered it in High School and was obsessed.  I was like a drug dealer and would push it on my friends to get them addicted also.  There's time travel, so fantasy.  There are hot men, so yay.  There are hot SCOTTISH men, so even more yay.  As you can see, the paperbacks are definitely the worse for wear.  The blue one is actually the second copy since I pretty much destroyed the first.  And then the woman kept writing.  The 8th book just came out in June and she's still not done.  If she would stop describing everything in so much freaking detail and just get to the point, there would be half the pages and twice the plot.  There are now way too many character, way too much time between books, way too much everything.  But I keep reading because I eventually want closure.  It's been over 20 years and she's still keeping me dangling.  The BFF and I refer to the author simply as "that damn woman."  I could probably write the length of one of those books about all of my ups and downs with this series, but I won't.  Deep breath.  Moving on.

There are more than 20 books in this series, so I just grabbed a few instead of trying to fit them all into a picture with a shoe.  These books are hilarious and also involve  hot men.  2 of them.  Total love triangle.  They have gotten a bit formulaic in the process, but I still keep tuning in because they are perfect escape reading and I like to fantasize about Ranger.  Mmmmm...Ranger.   Yeah, deep breath.  

I love shoes.  But I looooooove books.  These are such a tiny fraction of the books I've read and loved.  I can't go to sleep unless I read, even if it's only for 5 minutes.  And these are just the fiction ones.  Some of my favorite theological books are currently packed away in the garage.  Maybe there will be another post.  Now if you'll excuse me, I need to stop typing and start reading.

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