Friday, April 18, 2014


So...I might be broken.  Shoes just aren't doing if for me lately.  I haven't been posting for a lot of reasons (depression causing major lack of motivation being a big one, not being at church for Holy week comes into play, and other stuff).  I know I told you I'd give you a post and explain everything, and I will, but I have no inspiration right now.  Oh, and thank you for all of you who sent me fun thoughts to inspire me, and especially the Pinterest Friend who continues her excellent work as my self-appointed intern.  But I look at shoes and think.  Eh.  Whatever.  Occasionally I get mildly excited or horrified, but not often.  And you know what else is weird?  Today (as well as other days lately), I was in a fairly good, kind of goofy mood, and also grumpy as hell.  (How grumpy IS hell? is what I would ask the hubby if he said that)  I don't know, y'all.  I just don't know.  In happier news, SKD took me out for a late birthday lunch and a pedicure today, which was lovely.  For the first time ever we chose the same color and now have matching Easter toes:

I'd actually had pretty spring toes before, as well:

But the puppies like to lick and bite my toes, so that tends to ruin the prettiness.

Thank you, fabulous friend, for getting me out of the house!  Even though I know your real reason for inviting me is so you can see the puppies...

Hopefully I will snap out of this funk soon, because Shoetopia without shoes is just...topia.  And that's boring.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Scatter Brain

I know, I know. It's been almost a week since I posted, and this isn't even a real post because I'm tired and going to bed. I've been thinking way too much lately, and I will tell you all about it soon. But my brain is really full of lots of stuff, which means I forget other stuff, or get de-motivated. I will at least give you some shoes, though. Frightening shoes, but you get what you get.

Seriously. Why? Who makes brain shoes? Who wears brain shoes?!

Hee hee. Frightening in a different way. For those of you confused, those are characters from from a show called Pinky and the Brain. I know several people who would LOVE to have these shoes. 

Full brain needs to sleep now.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I'd Rather Be Reading

I had many things on my mental to-do list today, and I got a few of them done, but I also spent a good chunk of the day reading the last 320 or so pages of a 534 page book.  It was lovely.  Sometimes when I get toward the end of the book I start reading faster and faster.  I always think I should slow down, but I can't.  I must know how it ends.  Even with books that haven't completely sucked me in, I can still find myself in that mad dash toward the finish.  So, since I've been reading, you get to read (more), too.

Mmmmm...yes.  Exactly!

Except once I finish that chapter then I'm usually left hanging and I have to start the next chapter.  And if I'm going to start a chapter, I may as well finish it...

Sigh.  Some of the best books have given me the best book hangovers.  It's kind of exquisite torture.

I admit it.  I'm a snob who doesn't understand people who don't like to read.  I mean, I do get that some people would rather do something else, and some people have difficulty reading that makes it not-fun, but I have loved to read my whole life, so part of me can't understand why everyone isn't like that.  If you visit my family, chances are good that you will walk into a living room containing 5-10 people, each reading a different book.  Drives my extroverted hubby crazy.  Where I can't understand people not reading, he can't understand people not talking.

This is a shoe blog, so now I will make you read some shoe quotes!  The BSF has this somewhere.  Refrigerator magnet, maybe?  And I have always liked it.  Some days I wish I had this much confidence.

I haven't actually bought shoes in months, but I have used this exact logic many, many times.

And this one just makes me laugh.  Yep!  That's why I wear them to church!

If you'll excuse me, I have to go read or I'll never get to sleep.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I haven't been posting, because I can't seem to think of a thing to write about this week.  It's not like there is nothing going on.  The hubby is traveling for training this week, so it's just me, the puppies, and the dragons (and I saw the dragons mating today, which was ODD.  It was like a train wreck, I couldn't seem to look away--but that's not exactly an appropriate thing to look for related shoes).  SKD came over last night for a girls' night and sleepover.  I made pizza and frozen yogurt and we watched Frozen (yay!), but I've already done enough posts on the movie and characters.  Today I got allergy shots.  Definitely not exciting.  Soooo...I'm kind of at a loss.  Usually when I can't think of anything to post I just start typing random things in to the image search.  Didn't work for me tonight.  Apparently the shoe muse is on vacation.  Basically I'm just posting now to tell you why I haven't posted.  Help!  I need inspiration!  Someone, please give me some suggestions...

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Disney Shoes

Did you know that I have never been to Disneyland?  Disney World, either, for that matter, but I've only been to Florida once, whereas I've lived in California a total of almost 7 years now.  I'd like to go some day, but I have to admit it's not that high on my list.  There are other places I would rather go.  I know that this is absolute sacrilege to many of my friends who would prefer to live at Disney year-round, and to you I apologize for my lack of enthusiasm.  I do love Disney, though, especially Disney movies.  I watch them all, I own many of them.  Most them of them might make me laugh more than they should, but oh well...most of the humor is aimed at adults anyway.  For a nice, light post tonight, here are just a few of the many (millions?) of Disney shoes out there:

Clearly these are the shoes I should wear when I do make it to Disneyland.  How can you go wrong with Mickey and the castle?

These are hilarious.   Even the shape is funny to me, and just perfect for the subject.  Ursula won't be looking so evil and smug after I've stood on her face and she's had to smell my feet for awhile...

Love the colors, but these are actually just a little too busy for me.  I do love Beauty and the Beast, though.  I'd probably be Belle if I were a Disney princess, because of her love for books and her disdain for Gaston.  Not sure I'd have been kind and patient enough to fall in love with the Beast, though.

I like how these are just regular (well, actually rather fancy and floofy) shoes from the front, but from the back they have Rapunzel and...oh dear...whatshisname from Tangled.  And that he looks so delightfully disgruntled.

And these are just adorable.  It kills me that they even have a little tail. I would also wear these on my trip to Disneyland.  You know, for about 5 minutes at the very beginning before all of the major walking kicks in and I can't stand to wear heels any longer.

Yay Disney!

Friday, April 4, 2014


I woke up this morning and the headache was gone!!!  This was very exciting.  I got to go about my day in a semi-normal manner, which was quite lovely.  Despite that, I still am not feeling terribly inspired tonight.  Thankfully the Pinterest Friend has been quite busy lately, finding me all kinds of fun shoes.  Thanks, PF!  So, here you go.  Enjoy!

Want them!  These are definitely my favorite of this batch.

Want these, too.

Not sure about these. Love the polka dots, and they have  bit of  retro feel, but they're falling slightly flat for me.
I love this color.  If I were girlier, I would totally go for these.

Penguinos!  But, won't all the blood rush to their little heads?  These are stinking adorable.

I think I would like these better without the black floof in the middle.  Like the purpley colored flowers, though.
Take off the ankle imprisonments and these would be classic and great.

Good thing I have the PF to bail me out on nights like this.  Also, if there is weirdness in this post, it's because I've been typing it with Tallulah's nose on the mouse pad...

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Light and Frothy

The hubby started work today!  He was very excited.  I almost wanted to take a picture of him when he left this morning, like a first day of school picture.  He looked very very handsome.  To celebrate my first full day alone in a rather long time, the universe decided to bless me with what might have been the worst headache of my life.  Good times.  I tried everything that usually works and nothing helped.  I finally took leftover Vicodin (my father was not impressed by this course of action), and got it down to a dull roar, but it never left, and it is starting to come back now.  Lovely.  In other words, I'm not totally coherent tonight, and I just want something light and frothy and pretty to look at for tonight's post. Since it's spring, here are some fun wedges.  You can make your own commentary on these, I'm going to go to bed and pray the headache stays in its baby form instead of its bitch-monster from hell form.

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