Monday, June 27, 2016


Today is Sunglasses Day!  Why?  Who cares?  I read a blog that claims that everyone looks hotter in sunglasses.  I'd that's mostly true.  Unless the sunglasses are awful and then the person looks kind of dorky, but generally speaking I would agree.  I wasn't sure what I would find in terms of sunglasses + shoes, but I did manage to find a few things:

I actually think these are both kind of cute.  They look like they're made out of material that doesn't breathe, but overall they're cute.  They're also Karl Lagerfeld and were applauded as being shoes "under $200."  Yeah, unless they're WAAAAY under that dollar figure these are definitely not that cute.  And/or I'm cheap. sunglasses shoes.  OK, probably just glasses, but work with me, OK?  They're sparkly and cute and made me then search for Babies in Sunglasses, which you should definitely go peruse, because adorable.  I give you example A in the form of toddler Flower:

AND she was wearing adorable shoes. If I remember correctly she was about to go fishing with her dad when this picture was taken.  Most fashionable fisher-girl I've ever seen!

So, I implemented my new plan for getting my patootie (or patoosh as Laughter sometimes refers to it) out of my office chair today.  According to my phone (and I have no idea how accurate it of these days I'd like to get a fitbit) I walked 7,655 steps, for a total of 3.69 miles, over the course of 72 minutes, and burned 264 calories.  Not the greatest results in the world, but still a million times better than what I've been doing most days of late.  Now I just have to keep it up.  I also drank over a gallon of water today, which is good as it was 8 million degrees.  I'm pretty much over summer already and it's not even July yet.  Sigh.

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er-girl I've ever seen!

Sunday, June 26, 2016


The other night when I was looking for UFO shoes I also found lots of cute alien shoes.  I figured I would just do a follow-up post the next day, but then yesterday was Global Beatles Day so OF COURSE  I had to that that post.  So now I'm doing aliens because I have alien shoes and nothing terribly exciting happened today that inspired a different post.

I hate the giant thickness of this this sole and the style of the shoe itself, but love that the aliens glow in the dark.

Also glow in the dark.  Still not a shoe I want to wear, style-wise.

I don't think these glow, but it's nice that the pink-loving kiddos out there get some alien shoes too.

Heehee.  PB could wear these and be a Sci Fi nerd like mom and dad.

The claaaaaw!

I'm off to do more laundry because that's how very exciting my life is.

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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Global Beatle Day

Thanks to the Pinterest Friend and the holiday calendar I found out that today is Global Beatles Day!  

I definitely need to put this on my calendar so I can celebrate it on a yearly basis.  According to the GBD website:

GBD (founded 2009) is a day honoring and celebrating the phenomenon and ideals of the Beatles,  collectively and individually, for their gifts to the world including, but not limited to, their promotion of peace and love, of truth and youth, and of the expansion of human consciousness. More specifically, GBD commemorates the Beatles music – their promotion and expansion of rhythm and blues, rock and roll, world music… and especially their collective and personal exploration of a myriad  of musical ideas and innovations.

It then goes on to talk some about their song All You Need is Love, which is what I used as inspiration for this post, since I've already posted a ton of Beatles shoes.

It's hard to tell, but these say All You Need is Love over and over.  I like the colors, but I wish they were easier to read.

Here they are with their brothers and sisters in the line.

 I seen this show!  I don't have the shoes, though.

I have these socks!  Because the BFF is awesome.

The first pair comes in baby size!

Seriously, I need to have a baby and dress him/her in nothing but Beatles stuff.


I can't leave you without the song itself:

Frankly, with everything going on in the world right now we could all use, and give a little more love.

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Friday, June 24, 2016


Oh man, it was Take Your Dog to Work Day and we missed it!  Poor Chalupa and Tallulah had to stay home.  Next year maybe I'll stay home and sleep all day and send them to work with the hubby!  Today is also World UFO Day, so clearly we need to look at some UFO shoes. UFO shoes are kind of cute.  The last two pairs could also be tops if you didn't want your baby wearing alien vessels on his or her feet...

I'm scared.  These are hideous. And also hilarious.  But mostly hideous because even the shoes without the UFO stuff are ugly.

Well you know I love the color.  Yes, I know, not shoes, but still fun!

Oh my goodness, there has to be some kind of crazy, kitschy party where these shoes could be worn.  With a skirt or dress that also has UFOs on it?  These are hilariously ridiculous.

I saw zero UFOs today (except on shoes).  How about you?

Today, despite the lack of UFO sightings, was much better than yesterday.  Part of my problem is that I'm not taking care of myself physically, which leads to mental and spiritual fatigue as well.  I'm not working out, not eating right, drinking too much soda, sitting at my desk too much, etc.  I sleep like the dead, but never feel rested, so then I get grumpy and moody.  Today I decided that I need to make some changes.  Well, I've known this forever, but haven't been able to muster up any kind of willpower to make the changes.  Today I decided that every time I went to the bathroom (which is not in our office, but in a different part of the building) I would then walk all the way around the building.  Kind of pathetic I know, but it gets me up and moving, which helps both mentally and physically.  And since the one thing I generally do fairly well is hydration, I go to the restroom on a fairly regular basis.  So it gets me away from my desk and gives me a little mental break.  According to my phone it's about 500 steps around the building, so 20 trips to the bathroom and I'll hit my 10,000 steps a day!

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Pink Flamingos

I'm feeling a little down today, a little disconnected.  It's my own fault...we're working such crazy hours that all I want to do is fall into bed when we get home, and if we're not working on the weekends I don't want to leave the house for much more than errands.  So I'm a pretty crappy friend of late, and I feel like because of this most of the friends I have here (which is sadly very few) have kind of written me off.  Whether they actually have or whether I'm just having a moment of self-pity I'm not entirely sure right now, but it was a rough day in terms of emotions.  You know it's bad when you almost start crying at the office because of the song that pops up on ITunes.  Thankfully the random holidays calendar gave me a reason to smile tonight:  Pink Flamingo Day.  Or, as we call them in my family, Pink Mingo Birds.  I can't remember which niece it was who used to call them that...Double A maybe?  There's a running joke with my dad and pink flamingos, so I will dedicate this post to him.

I kind of love pink flamingo shoes.  I don't actually want to own or wear any of them, but they are bright and hilarious and fun, and they make me smile.  Which I totally needed tonight, so thanks, Pink Mingo Bird Shoes!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Is it wrong to go to bed at 8:30?  Because I'm seriously considering it.  But hey!  It means we're home in order for me to even be able to consider it!  So that's nice, but whyohwhy am I sooooo tired?  I'll blame the book podcast that I did today.  Too much adrenaline from nerves.  It went OK.  I'm not sure I'm exactly good at this podcast thing, but I'm not horrible, either.  Maybe?  I think I'll just look at sleepy shoes and try not to figure out whether or not I'm good at podcasting.

I wonder who has a strong desire to buy sleepy flip flops?  The straps make these look like angry shoes, but the  zzs make them sleepy.  Or maybe they're having angry dreams?

I think I've posted these before, but sleepy sheepy slippers make me smile.

Heehee...these all seem like kind of stinky places to fall asleep!  As much as I love shoes, I think I'll stick with my bed and pillow for sleeping.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Happy Birthday, Sister-in-Law!

Today is the hubby's seester's birthday!  I can safely say she is my favorite sister-in-law since she is my only one.  But she's also pretty awesome, so I'm lucky in that department.  Unfortunately I realized today that I am a terrible person who doesn't know what kind of shoes her SiL likes.  Yep, it's true.  I lost major family points today and will now have to do a generic sort of post.  Sigh.  Here goes:

OK, so it's specific to a sister-in-law's birthday, but not in that I know what color she likes or what kinds of shoes she prefers.  But I still think it's cute.

These are interesting.  I guess if your SiL REALLY loves fleep flops then these would be the perfect gift. 

Aaaaand 2 sister birthday cards.  Gaaaah, I'm having guilt over this whole SiL birthday thing!  I hope she had a good day despite me sucking and her not feeling well when we talked to her earlier. It's rude of her body to not feel well on her birthday.  I now have a year to complete the mission of finding out what kinds/colors of shoes my sister-in-law likes.

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