Thursday, April 16, 2015


I've been doing some baking experimenting.  The hubby often craves something sweet, but since he's diabetic he no longer eats sugar or flour.  Sugar free frozen yogurt is a good option sometimes, but it jacks up his tummy, so it's not good on a regular basis.  The other night I decided to try and bake something with what we had in the house.  The result was sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan brownies.  Or, "soulless brownies," as the hubby calls them.  The first batch was OK, but the 2nd batch that I made last night is actually pretty good.  I used bananas, almond milk, natural peanut butter, cocoa powder, oatmeal, quinoa flour (quinoa flour is one of the few alternative carbs we've found that doesn't screw up his blood sugar), and a little bit of Splenda.  Like I said, they're actually pretty good, and the hubby decided they are so good he no longer has to call them soulless.  Go me and the health food!  Here are some shoes in honor of my tiny kitchen accomplishment.

My brownies didn't have shoes on them.  Or frosting.  But these are adorable.

Vintage brown shoes from the 50s.  With an apron and some pearls and wearing these shoes I can whip up a batch of brownies in no time!

I'd like these better with a different heel.  These would be brownies with caramel.

Oooh, brown velvet!  Fun.

More brown velvet and bows.  Apparently I'm enjoying a theme tonight.

I love riding boots right now.  I'm not sure how I feel about gray and brown together, but I won't hold that against the boots.

And just because they're adorable, and the PB needs something for when we bake brownies someday. 

Ugh, I feel crappy today.  Allergies are kicking my patootie, but my stomach has been weird all day and I keep having sweats/chills and I'm all achy.  I think it's time to go to bed.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Beatles and the BFF

The birthday continues!  My awesome BFF sent me Beatles stuff to celebrate, and now I share it with you:

I shall now never drink out of anything else.

A new key chain! Yes I will take it out of the plastic, but I like the way it's packaged, so I'm leaving it for now.

Now yay for more Beatles shoes!.

I'd wear any of these, but the red ones are my favorite, followed by the colorful ones.  If only I had any artistic ability whatsoever I could make my own Beatles tennis shoes.

I love the Beatles.  I love the BFF.  I love Beatles BFF birthdays.  It's a love fest.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

More Birthday

I tried to post yesterday, but our internet was wonky and I couldn't do it.  I wanted to show you the awesome shoes my parents gave me for my birthday:

I opened these first and wore them on my birthday.  I've gotten a little addicted to this orangey coral color lately.

These were second and wow to the brightness!  Actually, these arrived on Thursday, addressed to the hubby (who was still in Mom's address book from Christmas).  She sent me a text to let me know the package was coming, but they arrived before I got the text and could tell the hubby, so he opened the box.  I think his exact words were, "why did we get weird ass shoes in the mail?"  He actually liked them once I put them on yesterday, so he is now forgiven for insulting the shoes.  Are they crazy?  Yep!   But they're also awesome.

I also didn't show you the calendar shoe from my birthday:

It's actually pretty fun.  Usually the weekend ones are some kind of crazy that I'm forced to look at for 2 days, but I was pleasantly surprised for my birthday.

Speaking of birthday (and I'm going to drag this out for as long as possible), SDK took me out for sushi yesterday to celebrate, and then we went and wandered around DSW for awhile.  Neither of us bought anything, but we enjoyed looking and trying on.

Tomorrow, gifts from the BFF!

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Big 4-0

Today is my birthday, at least for another half hour or so.  It was a very nice day, starting with breakfast in bed from the hubby, 2 new pairs of shoes from my parents (I'll show you tomorrow), and then an outing with the hubby and puppies to Amador County to have a picnic and a walk.  It was a gorgeous day, even if it did gum up my eyes and clog up my sinuses (which is actually my fault since I've stopped getting my shots and taking most of my allergy meds because it's all so frickin' expensive).  But let's talk about shoes instead. I thought about finding a pair for each year of my life, but that seemed extreme, so we'll just go with every 5 years.

1975.  I'm an adorable newborn-8 1/2 month old.  Here are some awesome pansy shoes for my mama.

1980.  I started Kindergarten, despite almost not being able to tie my own shoes.  Being the saucy child that I was, I told the teacher at Kindergarten roundup that it didn't matter because I would just wear my buckle shoes.  Those are some crazy colorful shoes up there, and I was a blonde 5 year old.

1985.  I'm in 4th and 5th grade, slightly less blonde, and have been wearing glasses for several years.  In 5th grade I got bifocals, oh joy.  These shoes are still bright, but slightly less crazy and more geometrical.

1990.  Love the embroidered shoes.  No idea really what kind of shoes I myself was wearing.  I was in 9th and 10th grades and had a perm so I could have big, 90s hair.  My glasses were stylishly huge, and I'm wearing my dad's jacket from the 60s or 70s.

1995.  I've been out of school since 1993, but still living at home, doing daycare for a family in my hometown.  I looooooved those babies (still do, even if they are all old now).  I chopped my hair off, and had been wearing contacts for about 3 years.

2000.  Love the red hounds tooth!  In January I moved to Plano, TX to live with my auntie, after graduating from college in December of 1999.  I learned to drive in traffic, got my first real jobs, and apparently posed in the shrubs in front of my bedroom windows.  Oh, and Double A was born in May, big sister DJ was 3.

2005.  2 years into seminary, and I headed off to internship, which sucked, so we shall not speak of it.  But, the year started with my spending 3 weeks on Oahu with the BSF.  She was doing her internship in Honolulu and I got to do my cross-cultural experience.  It was awesome.  The Bean was born in 2003, so I was up to 3 nieces.

2010. Stripey and strappy shoes.  Can't go wrong there.  I finished my first call in March and moved back to CA in July.  The nephew and Laughter were born. I met the man who would become the hubby. The couch is close to not holding all of us.

2015.  The shoes are crazy, but I actually really like them.  I am on-leave from call and my life is more complicated than in 2010, but way less complicated than 2014.   The only picture I have of myself so far this year is with this adorable young miss from St. Someone.

This post took way too long because the internet kept going out.  It's no longer my birthday, and I must go to bed because I am old.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

More Weird Holidays

Hey, did you know that today is National Eight Track Tape Day?  It's also International Louis Louis Day, and National Cheese Fondue Day.  Who decides these things?  The eight track tapes and the fondue make me think 70s.  Also, I was born smack in the middle of the 70s, so that's the theme we're going with tonight.  (Usual disclaimer:  Who knows how accurate stuff on the internet is.  The following shoes may or may not actually be from the 70s.)

They're like bowling shoes with sparkly wedges!

Men's or women's?

I like these.  I don't want to wear them, but I like them.

What the hell?  The ones on the left are actually cute.  The ones on the right possibly came from too many illegal substances.

Oooh!  I'm going with men's for the top pair so that the hubby and I could have matching-ish shoes.  You know, really crazy, somewhat hideous matching shoes, but that could be fun, right?

I seriously like these.  Maybe with a slightly lower wedge, but I love the colors and the straps.

Awesome.  Especially the flowered ones.

Even more awesome!  I would totally wear these while eating cheese fondue (using the green set my parents have that has the multi-colored fondue forks) and listening to my dad's eight tracks.  Hey, Dad, do you remember what you had on eight track?  Am I correct in remembering America?  Because I would definitely listen to A Horse With No Name while wearing my boots and eating fondue.  Or, if the hubby were around, he would want to listen to Abba, so we could do that while wearing our matching shoes and eating fondue.  Yeah, this line of thought needs to stop.  I'm off to enjoy the last hour and a half I have of being in my 30s.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Seester and Brother

Today, according to the internet, was National Sibling Day.  I am the youngest of 3; I have an older sister and an older brother.  The seester is 6 1/2 years older, and the brother is 4 years older.  Neither of them read my blog, so I can pretty much say whatever I want about them, and they'd never know.  OK, I wouldn't do that, especially since both of my parents read this and I don't want to be grounded for the rest of my life.  Really, though, I'm pretty lucky in my family.  My siblings may occasionally drive me crazy (and I them), but I know they love me, and I love them.  It's a love fest.

Aren't we cute?  Here is what I got in tonight's shoe search:

Sibling shoes.  Cute, and they came in several colors, but I really don't know what they have to do with siblings.

Also sibling shoes, and I have absolutely no idea what the heck is going on with these.

Sister shoes.  Not sure the seester and I will be getting these any time soon.

Yep.  That's me!

Also labeled as little sister shoes.  Don't know why that's the case, but I think they're adorable.

These are Brooks Brothers.  My brother would never ever wear these.

Awww...a little sibling family of matching shoes.

Happy National Sibling Day!  Family isn't only blood related, so even if you're an only child, I hope you have people in your life who are as close as siblings.  I definitely think of the BFF as my sister.

This is us.  She loves purple, and I love blue.  But she's not a fan of heels, so she can have some nice flats.

Have you hugged your sibling and/or bff today?  The good news is that every day can be sibling day, so hug away!
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